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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 81
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Alec just rolls his eyes as though I’m the immature one, leaning over to survey the movie cabinet. “So how are
you feeling?”

“Better since I woke up,”
I reply, a little surprised that he asked, “My throat still hurts and stuff, but the headache is
mostly gone now. Thanks for asking.”

“You’re welcome,”
Alec shrugs, “Do you wanna watch a
movie? I’ll make you a soup or something if you want.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Pause the tape and press rewind please. Did Alec just say he’d cook for me?!

I stare at him in shock, and he smirks at my expression.

“My speciality is extra spicy jalapeno soup. What do you say?”

I knew it was too good to be true.

My surprised face morphs into a slight scowl. “No thanks, I’m good. You can pick a movie if you want; I’m just going to grab my mocha.” Alec nods, turning back
to the movie cabinet to survey the options. For just a second there, I thought he was actually serious about the soup.

Gosh, I can be so gullible sometimes. I slide off the couch to grab my drink, returning just in time to see Alec putting a disc into the Blu-ray player. “What h ave you
I ask, taking a sip of my drink and collapsing into the cushions. He looks up at me as I enter, offering
me a small smile.

“I chose Gone in 60 seconds,”
He replies, sitting on the couch beside me and pressing play on the remote. “Best
ever. Plus Angelina Jolie is so bad a-s in this movie.”

“Good choice,”
I murmur, “I love this.”

Alec raises his eyebrows. He casually slings his legs over my lap so that he’s stretched along the couch.

Make yourself at home, why don’t you? “I guess first impressions really do sU-Ck then. No way did I picture you as an action and horror movie fan when I first met

“What was your first impression of me?”
I ask him curiously, sipping from my drink as the opening credits begin to roll in on the screen.

Alec shrugs in reply,
glancing over at the TV.

“I can’t really remember…I think it was pretty, but also kind of stuck up nerd.

You know the kind that obsesses
over computers and science s--t. I guess I was wrong, eh? What about you? What was your first impression of me?”
He wriggles his eyebrows playfully.

“I thought…that I should stay away from you,”
I say carefully, shoving his feet off my lap to put my legs on top. “I didn’t think you’d even realise I existed to be
honest. Typical bad boy player, y’know, not
acknowledging the lower status people. I was wrong too.”
We share a short smile, before we turn to watch the opening scene play out on the screen. It’s a silence,
but a comfortable one. Well that is, until Alec interrupts it by swinging his legs on top of mine again.

Some people never change.


“Alec, I don’t think it’s supposed to look like that.”
I frown down at the pale lumpy gloop currently occupying the bowl, slightly triggering my gag reflex. I guess this is
karma for making brownies without using a recipe. I don’t know about you, but I have the feeling that chocolate brownies are supposed to be made with cocoa
powder, and they’re not supposed to have clumps of butter swimming around in them. We didn’t have any cocoa powder, so Alec improvised by using Horlicks- a sweet tasting drink powder which tastes kind of like a
hundred year old diluted chocolate bar.

The result doesn’t look good.

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