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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 86
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I reply in a syrupy sweet voice, so unlike to my usual drawl, “I’d say the same for you but…”

Behind her smile, Tiana’s eyes turn stormy. Good.

“Please could I talk to you, sweetie? It’ll only take a second, promise.”
fe Her gaze drifts from me over to Toby,
and her eyes widen as if she’s only just noticed his presence. “Toby. Nice to see you again.”

“I’m going to leave,”
Toby mutters, flushing bright red.

He doesn’t even have the courage to look me in the eye.

Cowardly man w---e.

Tiana turns to me and I nod, glancing reluctantly into the Biology classroom before following her away from the
door, further into the corridor again.

The walk is eerily
silent apart from the clipping of Tiana’s heels against the polished flooring, and my eyes narrow in concentration.

As far as I know, I’ve done nothing that could possibly annoy her, so what does she want? It’s pretty obvious that she doesn’t want to compare lip-gloss brands and
talk crushes. Have I done something to rub her up the wrong way? I scan my brain quickly, but I can’t think of anything.

It is truly a mystery.

After she’s checked that we’re far enough from all of the classrooms- she turns to face me and I stop walking.

“So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about honey?” I drawl, mocking her with no shame. Her steely eyes show no hint of fake friendliness now, and her full lips are

curled into an unattractive sneer.

Alas, the true Tiana
Cooper comes out.

“Drop the act Riley; you know we only do that in front of other people.”
She snaps, “I think you know what I want
to talk to you about.”
She steps a little closer, but I refuse to give into the temptation to step backwards.

That would only make her think that she intimidates me, and
although that may be slightly true, there’s no way I’d ever let her see it. I stand tall, staring directly into her eyes. Don’t give her the satisfaction Riley.

“That’s funny because I really don’t.”

“Don’t you dare play dumb with me, Greene,”
She hisses, stepping right into my face this time and shoving
me back into the lockers.

“I want you to stay away from
Alec Ryder, or so help me god, I will make sure you regret it.”
My eyes narrow. What a frigging cliché.

The Queen Bee wants the bad boy. What; does she think I’m stepping in her way or something?

“You can have Alec,” I grit my teeth, “Get the hell out of
my face Tiana.”

“Really? I can have him? Then back off. He doesn’t want you.”
She leans down further, her icy glare burning holes
into my skin. I’ve never seen a look filled with so much hatred before.

Someone has a case of the green eyed
monster. I don’t know what she has to hate me about, if anything I should hate her more. She’s the one that Toby
cheated on me with, after all.

And then she aborted that sweet, innocent baby. I think that’s what makes me the
angriest- she didn’t even pay up the consequences of her mistake.

She disposed of her child, just like the hundreds of used condoms she’s been through ever since.

And she wonders why Alec doesn’t want her.
She shoots me one last smirk, before turning and strutting away.

My hands clench to fists by my sides.

What? Does she think she’s winning? She’s got another freaking think coming if she does. She may own the rest of the school, but I’d prefer to be a rebel that gets beaten
up than another one of her brainless cronies. To hell am I obeying her orders. I’m not a slave. I raise my chin defiantly as she walks away. She wants me to stay away
from one of my friends? She’s got another think coming.

She’s taken enough from me, and Alec is not going to be another thing to add to her list. I’m not going to stand for

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