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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 87
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And with that thought in mind, I jog back to Biology, a plan formulating slowly in my brain.


“Pshh Riley,”
Alec whispers, poking me in the arm softly.

I raise my eyebrows, ignoring him like the bad a-s I am and staring at the teacher’s demonstration at the front.

Ignoring Alec is surprisingly fun. “Riley,” He whines, poking me again, harder this time. “Riley, what’s the
This time I scoff, unable to restrain myself.

No chance am I giving him all the answers. Math isn’t an easy subject: it took me long enough to work them all out myself! He can work them out on his own. Alec
seems to sense my defiance and he groans quietly, poking me hard enough to leave a bruise, desperation showing through.

He obviously knows that if he hasn’t
completed the homework, he’ll get a detention.

My lips curve up in amusement. Oh I can play this game all day.

Alec’s hand makes a dart for my exercise book, but I pull it neatly away from him, my smile morphing into a full
blown grin.

He’s no match for my ninja skills. Alec
growls lowly under his breath. He’s figured out that I’m playing with him, I chuckle quietly. He knows that I’m
trying to get him annoyed. Jeez, he must be really desperate for those answers. “Riley,” He whispers, a tone
of desperation evident in his voice.

Aw bless, the bad boy needs me. “Please can I have the answers?”

Mr Johnson’s voice says sharply from the front, “I ask you to pay attention when I’m doing a demonstration. Stop flirting with Riley and listen to what

I’m trying to teach you.”

A rumble of laughing spreads around the class and I blush a little bit. Stupid darned cheeks.

“I’m sorry sir,”
Alec replies smoothly, “I don’t understand one of the questions we had for homework.

I was trying to get Riley to help me with it, but she refuses.”
My jaw
drops open at this. Way to make me seem like the bad guy. At least I’ve actually done the homework.

“Well next time, please ask when I’m not in the middle of a demonstration,”
The teacher frowns, brow furrowing,
“Riley please could you help Alec with his homework? He doesn’t understand, and I trust you to be able to help
Oh no he didn’t. I grit my teeth and nod stiffly in reply to his request, feeling the smugness radiate off of Alec like a tidal wave. I don’t dare look over at him: if he’s
smirking like I know he is, the urge to punch him in the face will be unbearable so I stare at Mr Johnson instead.

The teacher nods gratefully, before turning back to the demonstration to teach the rest of the class.

This is beyond unfair.

Alec says cheerfully, “Are you going to help me Riley?”

“Dude, give her a break.”
Joe laughs from the other side of Alec, “She looks like she wants to kill you at the moment. I don’t blame her to be honest.” He grins slyly
at me, fumbling with a piece of paper in his hands.

Is he making a paper aeroplane? Alec grins cheekily in reply, poking me again in a teasing gesture. How did he
manage to flip the situation around like that? Ugh.

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