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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 88
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“Copy my answer and I will castrate you,”
I tell him bluntly, “But you can look at the method.”

Alec nods mutely, biting back his smirk as he takes my homework sheet. Around his figure, I can see Joe throwing the paper aeroplane, aiming directly at Mr Johnson’s head.

Oh this should be interesting. It sails
through the air swiftly, hitting a boy a few rows ahead of us in the centre of his back. The boy turns around,
glaring around to find the culprit, but he doesn’t spot Joe’s mischievous smirk.

I choke back my laugh as the
boy turns back around to the front again, and Joe winks playfully at me, knowing what I’m chuckling at, no doubt. I roll my eyes, smiling in reply.

These boys are just so fun to be around. Don’t get me wrong, I love
Violet, and the small amount of girl friends that I have, but with the guys drama just doesn’t exist and they don’t
b---h about each other. It’s like having a break from all the things I hate about being a girl. “Thank you Riley,” Alec smirks, handing me back my sheet. I shoot him a blank look.

“Ignore him,” Joe whispers amusedly, “He’s just in a
particularly annoying mood because he got la!d last night.”
I cringe awkwardly. Definitely did not want to know that.

“Let’s just hope you learnt from your father’s mistake and used protection,” I joke, and Alec shoves me lightly,
making me giggle. I really need to stop doing that.

“You know, I actually am pretty good at math,”
Alec comments cheerfully, a smirk growing on his lips.

“Especially math in bed. You know, I’ll add the bed, you subtract the clothes.

You divide the legs and I’ll multiply.”

Alec wriggles his eyebrows playfully, “Fancy a tutor Riley? Extra credit homework?”

I laugh, hitting him, “That’s so disgusting! How do
you manage to bring innuendos into math? That’s practically art.”
Joe grins at my comment, chucking a piece of eraser at me.

Alec just smirks.

“Well you know, I’m pretty handy with my art too, Riley.
I’m a whiz with a-“
“I don’t want to know,”
I interrupt, slapping my hand over Alec’s mouth.

He stares at me for a second, before
sticking out his tongue and pressing a long lick to my palm. GROSS. “Ew! I don’t want your mouth herpes!” I shriek, pulling my hand back and wiping it on the side of his face.

He squirms away, chuckling but I’m too busy wrinkling my nose to laugh along with him.

“Mouth herpes? Are you implying that I have a lot of o-“

“Shut up! This conversation is one big, fat walking innuendo!”

“Miss Greene, please quiet down! This is the last warning for the back row!”

I’ll get you back one day Alec, I swear it.

A single piece of eraser flies through the air, hitting me on the cheek. Joe’s up to his pranks again.

I try my hardest not to flinch as I stare calmly into Mr Johnson’s narrowed
eyes, ignoring the boys chortles to my left.

“I’m sorry sir;
Alec was making inappropriate comments to me.”
I have to choke back my laugh at Mr Johnson’s bulging eyes and flushed face, but apparently the rest of the class can’t
because a rumble of chuckles ricochets around the room.

Alec blushes a little besides me, and Mr Johnson shoots him a look.

Well there’s part one of my revenge, I guess.

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