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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 89
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Another piece of eraser flies through the air, hitting me in the forehead this time. I shoot a glare at the laughing boys beside me.

And people say that I’m immature.

“So as I was saying class: x to the power of f, all divided by the square root of t equals x to the power of minus y plus 5t.

Can anyone explain how I can rearrange this
equation to give me my answer on what x equals?”
Mr Johnson shoots a glance at us in the back row, but luckily he chooses another unsuspecting victim instead.

And that children, is why we never sit in the front row for Math.

I mean, Math with Miss Hunt is okay- I sit next to Violet in that class.

This one however, I am harassed in
by the boys.

Plus the teacher has a spoon rammed up
his a-----e somewhere, I’m certain of it.

Another piece of eraser hits me on the cheek again.

I seriously wonder why I’m friends with these boys sometimes.

I shoot them a glare which only makes them
laugh more. Mr Johnson looks up at the sudden noise,

“Mr Joe Travis, would you care to explain how you would take on this next equation?”
Joe straightens in his
seat and smirks.

“Why of course Mr Johnson. For the next question, multiply by C, find the square root of T and then divide that number by the first. Then minus the A.” He says smugly, finishing off with a sly smile in Mr Johnson’s
direction. My eyebrows shoot up.

Who knew that Joe was such a math whiz? Even Mr Johnson looks disgruntled- obviously taken by surprise. I bet he was

getting all excited then at the thought of a new detention victim. It’s quite funny to see him held up short.

Below me, my chair jerks. I gasp at the sudden
movement, clinging on desperately by method of reaction time, but it’s no use.

One more fast jerk and I
lose my balance: the chair topples over taking me with it.

I land heavily on my arm, sprawled on the floor in the most unflattering of positions. Ouch. Oh my god that’s
humiliating. I glance up to see Alec and Joe practically falling off their own chairs in laughter, and that’s when I
realise who jerked the chair out from underneath me.

Oh my lord, I am going to decapitate them both.

I flush crimson as a few people laugh, standing awkwardly back
up again to see everyone staring at me with amused faces.

Everyone except Mr Johnson that is.

He’s turned purple. Should I be worried?

“Alec Ryder! Joe Travis!”
He barks, his eyebrows furrowed and face slowly flushing blue in colour.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so angry before.

Maybe I should be filming this for a wildlife documentary-
he looks like a frigging toucan.

“Detention! Get out of the room right now!”

“Not like I wasn’t expecting it anyway,”
Alec chuckles and Joe grins in agreement, before they both high-five each
other. Boys. What are they like?

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