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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 90
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“See you later princess. Maths tutoring remember?”
Alec smirks, and I stick my middle finger up in reply.

He laughs and blows Mr Johnson a kiss, before he leaves the classroom with Joe in quick succession.

I have to admit, I’m growing to love that bad boy attitude of his. It keeps things interesting.

Don’t ever tell my mom I said that.

“Coming out of my cage and I’ve been doing just fine,”
I sing under my breath, dancing around my room to the
music as I put my newly washed clothes away. I’ve currently got the Killers blasting at 150 decibels around my room because Mom and Jack have gone out leaving
me with the house to myself.

What’s wrong with a little
rave sesh every once and a while anyway? I wriggle my hips and bob my head to the music, walking over to the
wardrobe to hang up my leather jacket on a coat hanger.

What an interesting life I lead, I know.

“It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss,”
I sing loudly.

The curtains are closed at the moment, but the window is open because I’m still getting my revenge on Alec for the Metallica marathon at 2:00am every morning for a week.

This is in some way my revenge, because I know he’s currently trying to study, and who wouldn’t get distracted from Brandon Flowers’ perfect voice?
My point exactly.

“Jeez, if you’re going to sing and dance, at least get some lessons Riley,” I hear Alec whining from the window and

I pull back the curtain just enough to stick my tongue out at him.

He’s sat on his windowsill, scowling at me for interrupting his revision, no doubt.

It feels kind of nice to actually get revenge on him for all he’s done to me, even
if it is only little bit at a time.

This is only the beginning, don’t worry- I’ll pull out the big guns soon and then he’ll
be sorry he ever messed with me.

“Why would I need lessons?”
I joke back to him, “I’m practically a pro already.” I whisk into a full on round of
air guitar as the chorus kicks in, nodding my head and slinging a few of my tops into the top drawer of my bureau.

Dancing whilst doing chores makes them so
much more fun. I honestly do believe that Brandon Flowers is some kind of angel.

I mean, he’s beautiful and
he has a killer voice: he’s just too perfect to be human.

“You do realise I can see you dancing through your curtain right?”
Alec drawls, and I freeze, my head snapping to the side. The curtains are still closed…what?

“I can see the silhouette,”
Alec explains, as though reading my thoughts.

My cheeks tinge slightly pink, but I just joke it off. “Why aren’t you a lucky lad, eh?”

“I would have to disagree with you there. Your moves are worse than my grandmas.”

“And you would know your grandmas moves, how?”
I pull back the curtain again to wink at Alec. He’s not the
only one who can pull a good innuendo.

He just stares blankly at me, “You’re messed up.”

“I know. Not as messed up as you though.”
I retort in a singsong voice, folding up one of my vest tops.

My underwear is stuffed under my pillow at the moment in precaution- I don’t want Alec to see it. He still has my bra.

I completely forgot about that.

“But you love me anyway,” Alec rolls his eyes, “I mean c’mon.

I’m irresistible. You can take a picture if you want- it’ll last longer.”

“Modest too,”
I roll my eyes, “Seriously, you’re the whole
shebang Alec.”

“Shebang I am.”

Oh great, he’s turned into freaking Yoda now.

This boy is so unpredictable, it’s not even funny.

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