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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 92
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“You’re going to make Chase crash the car,”
I laugh, “He looks horrified enough as it is.” I glance over at Chase,
letting out another dark chuckle.

I’m not exaggerating: at
the moment Chase is blinking repeatedly, as though he hopes to get rid of the image that way, not to mention the bright red flush his face has taken.

Serves him freaking right, manwh0r£. Screw ‘sexual tension’.

I pop the ear bud in, nodding my head slightly as ‘Highway to Hell’ pounds in my ears. She doesn’t have her music as loud as I do, but it’s still pretty loud.

The scenery of Lindale whisks past us as Chase drives and my gaze seems to fix on every tree and rock and speck of sand- remembering it.

Although I haven’t been living here for much over a month, I did live here when I was
little and I’ve come back every single summer for quite some time now to stay with my aunt and Natasha.

I glance over at Riley. Yep, she and Natasha would definitely get on well. Chase, Dylan and Joe have been friends with me since I was about three years old, plus
Joe lives on the same street as my aunt which meant that I saw them all pretty much every day for all those summers- that’s how I know them all so well.

I don’t really know what we’re planning to do at the beach today- hang out, I guess? The surfboards are attached to the roof of Chase’s car, a dark Chevy truck
with the license plate peeling off at the back. I guess we’ll be doing some of that.

“Can you surf?” I ask Riley curiously, and she bites her lip and shakes her head.

“Guess we’ll have to teach you,” I continue, “It’s difficult

“I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it,”
Joe intercedes, winking at Riley.

“If she doesn’t, then it’ll be funny to watch her failing, so it’s a win-win situation for all of us.”
I smirk and high five him, feeling Riley groan beside me. She hates
being teased, but it’s funny watching her spout fiery comebacks so I don’t ever stop doing it. It’s way too much fun to see her reactions. “Fail like your dad’s
condom you mean,”
She mutters under her breath.

I don’t think Joe heard it, but I can’t restrain the smirk from tugging at my lips.

The car ride is only a short one to the
beach, but already she’s amusing me. She never hesitates to make me laugh.

Eugh, I sound like a freaking sap. Let me check to see if my penis is still there, one sec.

Still there, and bigger than ever. I smirk.

As we pull into the small beach car park, I feel a small twinge of excitement in my stomach, seeing the waves.

Not too choppy, but big enough for a decent day of surfing.

The beach in Lindale is small and sandy, a beach for locals rather than tourists. There are a few small shops in the road behind it, but nothing major.

An ice cream shop, a surf shack and a café where they sell the world’s most delicious milkshakes.

I don’t even think we have a hotel in a fifty mile radius, that’s how lonely this
place is. Where I lived in North Carolina was the opposite end of the spectrum, but I prefer this place more and more by the day for a number of reasons. I glance over
at Riley.

“I call dibs on the red surfboard!” I shout as I exit the car, and Chase curses under his breath.

“Dude, you know I love that surfboard.”

I smile smugly in reply, leaning up to untie the ropes holding them to the roof.

The red one is practically made
for me: slim, sexy and gives one hell of a ride.

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