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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 93
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D--n, I wish I could sell innuendos for a living.
Dylan fist pumps me and I grin as we slide four of the surfboards down together, leaving the last one for Joe to carry.

That one is a slightly smaller, slimmer one that
used to be Chase’s. We figured that Riley could use it, due to her petite figure.

I glance over at her, to see her laughing with Chase, her ear buds firmly in place.

Her slender figure is hugged with a red and white tie dye belly top matched with some dark denim shorts that elongate her legs in a flattering manner. I gulp and look away.

I shouldn’t be getting so distracted by her.

“Right guys, let’s roll,”
Chase slings an arm around Riley,
locking his car over his shoulder.

I grab a couple of the surfboards and slide them under each arm, Dylan following suit.

My eyes trail over the beach scenery.

It’s not crowded, luckily, but there are a few people dotted along the sands because it’s a hot day.

Usually it would be empty.

The sun beats down on my olive skinned
arms and I smirk, clutching the surfboards tighter.

The ladies love a tanned guy.

After laying down the towels and piling up the surf boards, Riley collapses down onto the edge of her towel, flinging her beach bag carelessly beside her. “So,” She grins, “Are we going surfing? I can’t wait.” Her long pale legs curl up beneath her. Jeez, I need to stop looking at
her legs.

I glance at the rest of guys, smirking and collapsing down next to her. “You sure you can handle it?”

“I can keep up,”
She winks, and I raise my eyebrows, a grin spreading onto my lips. Since when was she cracking innuendos? Huh, I like this Riley. I look over at
Chase, and he shrugs.

“Come on then. Don’t see why we can’t start now,”
Dylan grins, pulling his shirt over his head. We’re all wearing our swim shorts already, thank god. It would be
more than a little awkward if we weren’t. Chase whoops and pulls off his shirt, kicking his converse off as best as he can.

Then he and Dylan grab a board each, jogging
down to the sea. Riley watches them go, her jaw agape, no doubt at their chests. Well, what does she expect?

Dylan is quarterback and Chase works out regularly to please the ladies. Joe is a little smaller than the rest of us,
and he has a less defined six pack.

Mine is going strong, though. “You coming bro?” I smirk at Joe, and we both
pull off our shirts, grabbing a surfboard each. I sense Riley’s eyes on me. “I think you’ve got a bit of drool there,” I smirk, pointing at her chin.

“Sorry, your mom must have left it there last night,” She retorts smugly, “You guys go ahead. I’ll catch up.” I glance over at Joe and he nods. Right then.

I swing my red surfboard under my arm and jog down towards the sea to meet up with Chase and Dylan. The water laps at
my feet, cool and refreshing, and I wade further until I’m at knee height. I love the sea.

“Where’s Riley, dude?” Dylan asks me, and I frown.

Wouldn’t he like to know?

“She’s coming after us,” I reply shortly, running my wet hand through my hair.

“Is that her coming now?”
Chase wolf whistles, and I spin around.

Riley is jogging down the beach, her hair in dark loose curls that frame her porcelain face and wide blue eyes.

She wears a black bikini with Aztec print bottoms, emphasising her toned, ever so slightly tanned skin.

Her surfboard is clutched under her arm and her cheeks are flushed with excitement.

S--t. I gulp and turn around
quickly so that I don’t embarrass myself by ogling her.

I can already feel my cheeks heating up. Jeez Riley, what are you doing to me? Not just me though, I think, glancing at the other boys. Chase is eyeing her up, but I
know that he’d never advance on Riley in any way, shape or form- they’re just friends, and he cares about her feelings much more than he lets on. Joe’s smile is purely
plutonic and I know he only thinks of her as a close friend.

Dylan’s however, is a completely different story.

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