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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 98
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“What’s up sweetie?”
She asks me, looking at me with a concerned expression.

She tucks a loose wispy curl that has escaped her ponytail behind her ear, getting flour on
her cheek in the process.

How can one person make that
much mess? Usually she’s a pro in the kitchen.

Neat and efficient, that’s my mom. “You can tell me anything.
What’s happened?”

I hesitate. Do I really want my mom to get involved in all of this? But I need her help. “Okay…Well you know today
I went to the beach, right? I went with Dylan, Chase, Joe and Alec.”
She nods in reply, gesturing for me to continue and I sigh, sliding into a bar stool. “Well it was
so much fun at first, but then in the last half an hour,
Dylan kissed me.”

“And did you kiss him back?”

I shake my head.

“I see.”

I sigh, glaring down at the breakfast bar. I should have kissed him back. It would have saved all this trouble.

But surely I shouldn’t have to kiss him back?
Why did he freaking kiss me in the first place? I hate him for making everything so bloody complicated- it’s not like
I wanted to be involved in this! Ugh, I’m so confused. “It was really awkward on the way home,” I pick slowly at my fingernails, not meeting my mom’s eye, “Even Alec’s not talking to me, and that’s Alec for Pete’s sake. I don’t
know what’s up with him.”

Mom considers this for a second, her hands faltering from mixing the delicious looking mixture in the bowl.

“Maybe he’s jealous,” She shrugs, “Could be something going on at home. Could be something at school, or
could be something personal. Why don’t you ask him?”

“I don’t know,”
I bite my lip, “He seemed a little off with me.”

“Well make him ‘on’ with you then,”
She shrugs.

The left sleeve of her checked top slides down her arm tauntingly, and she glares at it before shifting it back up, ignoring the flour that is now dusted all over her shirt sleeve.

Why is she dressed so casually anyway? I swear she mentioned something about a meeting tonight.

I remember because she asked me to babysit Jack.

Just as I think of his name, I hear feet thunder down the stairs, and mom and I both wince at the noise. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. “Mom,” He bursts in, his eyes
narrowed and glare directed at me, “Riley stole my Lego!”

“What? Why would I steal your Lego?”
I reciprocate, wrinkling my nose at the suggestion. “What use do I
have for Lego? Other than shoving it up your a-s-. “

Mom cuts me off with a sharp look, before turning to Jack. “Jack, honey, are you sure you’ve searched everywhere for them? I don’t think Riley really
wants your Lego.”
The look she gives him is also patronising.

Ha, she probably took the Lego. I think she’s
stepped on those little things one too many times.

My eyes narrow, taking note of the smile that she’s biting her lip to restrain. Oh yeah, she’s guilty alright.

“Yes mom, I searched everywhere,”
Jack groans, “Riley must have taken them! Who else would?”

“Oh I can think of someone,”
I raise my eyebrows at Mom, and she blushes. “Jack, have you ever thought that maybe Mom might have taken them? She does have a
tendency to step on the lethal little things.”
I step a little closer to her like a predator stalking prey, the grin wide on my face, and her smirk springs free.

Jack’s eyes narrow on her too. D--n, I’m practically the next Sherlock.

Take a step back and watch me go mofos.

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