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The birthday murder - Season 1 - Episode 17
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Looking at the men who gathered around me, i begin to instruct them.

“we dont know what we are going to encounter at the warehouse but we need to be alert always”
i said, bring out my PDA, i showed them the layout of the building “team b will approach the building through the top/deck, officer Richard and desmond will climb the adjacent building and took the sniper on the building and also provide cover fire for us, once the snipers are down, you are a go, team C will approach the building from the back entrance here” i said pointing it out to them to see “use C4 to blow open the steel door, but you must wait for my command before you do that, team D will act as a backup team incase if things get messy and we require an immediate escape”
i paused at looked closely at their faces
“any question”
“no sir”
“good, then let take them out”

We are one block away from the warehouse and also patrol teams are stationed two blocks away from the building. Am leading team A which would be approaching the building from the front, joy would be leading team B and James is leading team C while team D is led by another good agent………



Heading over to the ringing telephone, he picked it

“hello, mason”

“hey, you to vacate that warehouse immediately”

“what? Why? We have many things……”.

“i said get the f-----g hell out of there, the MCIU are on their way, you few minutes to leave, and….destroy any evidence that might point to us”


Dropping the phone, he started shouting orders to his men, telling to pack everything and to destroy evidences of their work that might give them that the cops are their way, popping his head out on window he looked and saw nothing, taking out his walkie, he said…..

“we got a situation down, the cops are coming, be alert, do you copy?”
no reply

“do you copy?”


he cursed “snipers are down, destroy everything and let get the hell out of here”

he didn’t finish and the back door was blown open……


My comms buzzed and i pressed the receiver button

“sir, snipers down, i repeat snipers down”
“okay, team A, B and C you heard that, its a go, i repeat its go”

As we approached the front door, i couldn’t help but remember when i was in the special force and a rush of adrenaline flushed through my whole body….

“blow it open”
i said,
A C4 was placed on the door and within seconds the door was roasted
“go, go, go” i shouted
On getting inside the building, we were welcomed with series of gun shot from different places

“take cover”

we hid behind anything we can get, and then returned the fire…

“team B is inside the building”

“team B”
i said “proceed toward the main compartment, comb the rooms as come, team C get your f-----g as:s down here we are under enemy fire”

Within minutes, another range of fire started but this time it was friendly fire. Very soon everything was over, two officers were wounded, two of the hostile were dead and three were wounded. I assigned team B to watch them, taking team C with me, we proceeded to search the building room by room.


We la!d out all the things we could our hands on hands;- ammunitions, bombs, chemicals, clothes latex glove e.t.c, but what caught my attention was the gloves, its not like ordinary gloves, they were different, i bended down to take a closer look at it……my comms buzzed

“jack you still on the line”
“yes Matt, what do you got?”
“the satellite is picking up and unidentified person who is leaving the building, he is head west, wearing a red jacket and white pants”
“thank you Matt, you, you and you”
i said pointing to some officer “follow me”
turning to my partner joy i said
“process the wounded hostile and take them back to our base, have the medical waiting for them, we need them to answer some questions”

i ran with the agent i called, and we proceeded to catch the lose hostile,
we flanked the hostile witout him having any idea because he was hiding and we were using the help of the satellite…..

“drop you weapon”
i commanded
He was startled and before he could turn, i have already giving him a punch that made his right arm to useless for the time been.

Locking him up, i proceed out of the warehouse again to meet joy but i was flanked by reporters who had already gathered at the scene……

i began “i promise to give you people a Q&A section later, but now i have some things to process and you people need to leave this place for now to avoid spoiling evidence, thank you”

i immediately left them and some officer took over, guiding them outside to a well good side and drawing a tape across them….

Getting to joy, i asked how its going, and she replied that the hostile are now on their way to our office, she was still talking when a loud sound was heard from the direction the vehicle had went and dark cloud could been seen already…

Sorry guys for the long break I took on the story,
The delays is from the Author of the story,

Updates coming soon..

Just stay tune


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