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The blue river - Season 1 - Episode 22
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Final Episode

That was in the sitting room where Benlo knelt with a leg looking at Sarah with a ring in his hand. He couldn’t believe she rejected the proposal.

On the other hand, Sarah kept smiling looking at his worried face. “What?” she asked.
“Why rejecting me?”
“Are you worried?”
“Why won’t i be?”
“I’m also worried”

“Because i can’t wait for the day i will sleep and wake up in your arms, the day i will carry your baby and allow you kiss my stomach, the day i will keep hitting you with a pillow at night until you sing bed-time song for me to sleep and the day i will say “I do”” Sarah smiled. “I was kidding, yes, i will marry you” she stretched forth her fingers.

Benlo’s heart was filled with joy. That was the most amazing acceptance of proposal he had ever seen, so he gently placed the ring in her finger while Sarah pulled him up to herself instantly and they had a long kiss.

“But you need to promise me one thing” she said.

“Anything for you” Benlo stared at her mouth in anticipation.

“I don’t want us to get married until my sister does”

“You mean Lora?”

“Which other sister do i have?”

Benlo thought for as while. “Is okay” he said and kissed her again.


At Rain Brian where Ena was discharging her duties, Lora came out well dressed like the boss she was: a black plain trouser with koi-koi shoe and a white shirt worn over a back jacket. Immediately she stepped out of the company to enter her car, another car drove in thus making her wonder who that could be. She stared at it until it parked and a young man came out. He had a large diamond chain hanging on his neck. His T-shirt hugged his body thus exposing his muscles. Down his waist was a three quarter white jean knicker and a white canvas on his feet. His hair was barbed low without an irresponsible style. He’s dressing and steps were more like a humble foreigner as he moved to Lora.

“Good day, ma’am”
“Good day”
“Umm.. I’m looking for one miss Ena. I was told she works here”
“Hope no problem”
“Not at all”
“Hold on” Lora called Ena on the phone and told her to come outside. Within some seconds she came out. Immediately she saw the guy she slowed down.

“Wisdom?” she called with a low voice then the guy turned.

“Wow! Ena!”
“Wisdom!” Ena ran and hugged him in a way her legs left the ground. Lora smiled at their charisma looking at both of them. It was a moment of love and reunion. Just then, Ena released him looking at Lora.

“Lora, this is actually the guy that left me to abroad” she looked at Wisdom. “Wisdom, here is my boss, Lora”

They greeted for the second time before Lora entered her car and began to drive out. Seeing the excitement on Ena’s face, she stopped, whined down the glass of the car and said, “Ena, you can take a day off”
“Really? Take you so much, boss!”
“You’re welcome” Lora smiled, whined up the glass and drove out after which Ena frowned. She kicked Wisdom’s leg hardly which made him scream.
“What was that for?!”
“For not calling me all this while”
“I’m sorry, baby, i lost some f-----g contacts”
“Then i gonna f--k you” Ena began to hit him with her hands but he suddenly caught them, kissed her and said, “I’m sorry”
“I miss you so much, Wisdom”
“I miss you too, Ena”
“I guess you don’t love me anymore”
“If i don’t love you, i won’t miss”
They giggled and drove out in Wisdom’s car to have more fun.
Lora went home to see Sarah watching movie in the living room. She dropped her car keys and collapsed on the chair. She told her about Ena and Wisdom and they were happy.
“Benlo also proposed to me” Sarah said looking at her.
“That’s a good news” Lora sat up happily. “So when is the wedding?”
“Lora, I’m not getting married before you”
“What do you mean?”
“You are my elder sister and..”
“Heey” Lora interrupted her and stood up. “You don’t need to worry about me little sis. I’m okay” she moved closer and hugged her. “I’m happy for you, Sarah” she said on her shoulder.
At night, at Jasper’s residence, he la!d on the bed with Lucy who covered her body with a blanket staring at an electric light on the wall. It was something marvelous to her.
“Lucy” Jasper brought her attention. “Are you okay?”
“Yes” she replied.
“Do you like everything you see here?”
“Now, you have to convince your father and the villagers that there is a better world here. Make them believe that the future they talk about isn’t an illusion. It is real”
“Thank you” Lucy smiled while Jasper kissed her, turned off the light and made her sleep in his arms.
The day Sarah wedded was the day Lora found a husband who married her two months later before Eric died happily.
Ena had to marry her love too.
Though the villagers finally came to the future but didn’t remain. Rather, their home was developed for them by the government before Jasper married his princess.



: This story is a total fiction.

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