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The blue river - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Jasper reasoned the princess’ suggestion and shruggled in disagreement. He was never a man that do things in a cony way. Therefore he looked into her eyes and said, “Listen, I’m not sneaking away with you like some kind of rat chased by a cat. Your father and your people must be aware of it. I must convince them that there is a better world out there, okay?” he began to caress her cheek while she smiled broadly and eventually embraced him.
“I’m happy you came back to me”
“And I’m happy to see you again my princess” Jasper disengaged her. “I actually thought i won’t see you.. That reminds me, what happened to the blue river and the golds?”

“You mean the river and uga?”

“It has traveled. The river travels once in a season and comes back again. Our people believe that in such time it has gone to water our crops”

Jasper heaved a heavy sigh. “This is unbelievable!” Suddenly, his phone rag from his bag. As he tried to bring it out, he saw Princess Lucy stretching her head fearfully to know the kind of animal that was making the sound. Immediately he brought out a smart android phone glowing with light, she ran away but stumbled and fell down.

“Lucy!” Jasper ran with the phone to help her.
“Take it away from me!” she shouted.

“It’s just a cell phone. It doesn’t hurt!” Jasper sat her up. By then the phone had stopped ringing. He positioned it before her and said, “It’s use to communicate with people that are not at a close rang with you. With it, you can stay here and talk to your father who is in his palace. You can also talk to someone who is at the farm worshipping crops. Just look..” he dialed Benlo’s number who was calling before the incident. When it connected, he put it in loud speaker.

“Hello, Jasper” Benlo said from the phone. Hearing his voice from there, Lucy tried to run again but Jasper held her back.

“I said it doesn’t hurt! My friend is actually the one speaking!”

“How did your friend enter there? Please, bring him out before he dies” princess Lucy pleaded.
Jasper became weak without knowing what else to say.

“Jasper, are you there?” Benlo said again.
“Yeah, bro, i was able to see my princess”
“Really? I can’t believe it!”
“Well, you better do. What’s going on?”
“Umm.. Ena acted weird recently. Nobody knows what her problem is. When are you coming back?”

“I see.. I’ll be back tomorrow”

The line went off then Jasper looked at Lucy to see her shaking in fear. “You are shaking seeing a common cell phone. That means you’ll faint when you see a car or an airplane, even a television” he said standing up with her.


Inside Ena’s room, there were clean bed and wardrobe. A white fluorescent light illuminated the room. Ena could be seen at the window spacing out from there. She was in a night gown putting only a pant inside. She wished to get back the freedom of walking freely on the road and going back to her former house. Suddenly, Lora entered.

“Hey” Ena turned with a factitious smile, then both sat on the edge of the bed. Lora looked at her.

“Do you want to talk about about it?”
“About what?”
“You acted weird”
“It’s nothing”
“Are you sure?” Lora asked but she kept quiet. “You know what, i was once in love with Benlo, in fact i was the first to meet him but realized he was destined to my younger sister. I couldn’t do anything but to accept it like that. So my dear sister, you have too..”

“I actually remembered my past” Ena interrupted. “My first date left me to outside country, since then, i haven’t heard from him. Anytime i look at Benlo i remember him”
“Then you need to move on”
“It’s so difficult coz i love him so much” Ena began to shed tears.

“Come here” Lora embraced her. “Is okay dear” she dried her tears.


Immediately Mr Rain came out from the company with his body guards, a red Land Cruiser jeep and another local car drove in. As he stared at the red car, Ena, Sarah, Lora and Benlo stepped out wearing the latest dress and shoes. From the other car, policemen without uniform came out, all with heavy guns and looking deadly.

“Ena?” Mr Rain called.

“Surprise? It’s me, flesh and blood” Ena looked at the police. “Officer, arrest him”
Two sergeants moved to Mr Rain. “Sir, you are under arrest for murder and attempting murder!”..


Back to the Forest of Ezai, Jasper had said and done everything for the villagers to believe him but they didn’t even to allow the princess follow him. They all gathered at the palace looking and waiting for him to go. As he turned to leave, the princess ran to him holding his arm.
“Princess, what are you doing?” the father asked.

“I’m going with him!” she replied trying to cry.

“Are you out of your mind?!” the king ordered his warriors to get her.

“Don’t you dare touch her!” Jasper rebuked them boldly. He brought out his phone, played a music and all ran away even the king who fell down on the way..


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