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The blue river - Season 1 - Episode 8
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Benlo glanced at his wrist watch inside the
room as his parents stared at him. The time
wasn’t favourable anymore, so he dropped
the cutlass and collapsed on the bed. Seeing
that, the parents gradually went out of the
room silently.
On the other hand, at Ena’s residence, Ena
walked to and fro in her living room with a
glass of alcoholic drink in her hand wearing
a jean trouser and a white handless top. Her
b-----s weren’t voluminous neither was her
butt but had an amazing and attractive
beauty. On her feet were heel shoes that
echoed as she walked in thought. “Two
different people showing me the same
image of the blue river telling me they have
a strong connection with it” she drank a
quantity of the drink and twisted her face.

“That river is mysterious. I pray nothing
happens to me” she concluded in thought.


As Lora prepared to go to Ututu town, so as
Sarah was preparing to visit the forest of
Ezai secretly.

Lora carried her story about the blue river in
mind, that was actually why she was going
to Ututu to tell Benlo about it but at getting
there and calling him on the phone through
a call centre, Jasper picked the call.

“Hello, Benlo, it’s Lora”
“Lora? It’s Jasper. Where are you?”
“Where is Benlo?”
“It’s a long story, just tell me your location”
Lora did as he said. Within some minutes,
both met at a lonely place. Lora looked at
him. “Where is Benlo?”

“He left his phone with me and went to a
“Why? What forest?”
Jasper looked at her as if to trust her. “Benlo
had been having strange feelings about a
blue river. Knowing the location it is in the
forest of Ezai, he went there”
“Blue river” Lora repeated thoughtfully but
suddenly looked at Jasper. “Something is
wrong somewhere. That’s what i came to
tell him coz my younger sister is having the
same feelings about a blue river”
“You mean your sister is also..” Jasper
paused. “This is strange”
Both remained quiet thinking critically until
Lora hurried out.

“I’ll give you a call”
“Where are you going to?!” Jasper asked but
she didn’t reply as she entered into the next
available bus heading straight home. When
she got home, her sister was nowhere to be
found too. She went to her grandfather’s
room to see him lying face up on the bed
with hands on his chest and eyes closed.
“Grandpa?” she slowly moved closer.

Eric opened his eyes. “Lora, you came back
so soon”
“Where is Sarah?”
“She has gone out”
“To where?”
“To satisfy her curiosity”
“I don’t understand”
“She has gone to the forest of Ezai where
she believed the blue river is”
Hearing that, Lora stepped out thoughtfully.

“No, it can’t be” she began to run to the
main town where she called Jasper for them
to meet again.

They finally met at Ututu. Jasper could see
her face lookin worried.

“What’s the problem, Lora?”
“Something is wrong somewhere?”

“I went home only to hear that my sister has
gone to the same forest too”
“What?” Jasper became surprise. “How? I
mean why? Did they plan it? I mean do they
know each other?”

“I don’t know! You have to take me to that
forest too”

Jasper reasoned her request. “Okay, I’ll like
to follow you too”

They got prepared and began the
unexpected journey to the forest of Ezai.

Seconds turned to minutes and minutes to
hours, thus, bringing the day to an end, yet,
Sarah had not gotten to the blue river
neither had Benlo found his destination.

Also, Jasper and Lora hadn’t seen them or
the river but all were inside the forest.

Jasper looked up to see a mountain before
then directed his eyes to Lora. “This journey
has become adventurous. Thank God you’re
putting on a trouser”

“What do you mean by that?” Lora frowned.
“We gonna climb this mountain. We might
see Benlo or your sister through there, or
even the blue river”

“I have a feeling that we gonna spend the
night here”
“I have a feeling that your sister and Benlo
have something in common”
Hearing that, Lora disdained him coz she
was already getting jealous. She began to
climb the mountain followed by Jasper. As
he claimed, Benlo’s phone fell from his
pocket to the base of the mountain and

“Oh, my God!”
“What!” Lora asked from above.
“Our only source of communication is died
and gone!”

“How can you be so careless! Gush!”
They finally made it to the top of the
mountain. They saw nothing but forest at
every angle. There were no buildings, river,
animals, or even a human being. Therefore
Jasper looked at Lora. “I’m beginning to buy
your idea now. I guess i gonna spend the
night here” he looked around again. “Oh
God, am i watching a movie or am in a
movie?” he asked panting dramatically.

“Sarah!!” Lora shouted supporting her
mouth with her palms to enable her voice
go far. In return, she heard nothing but the
echo of her own voice, so she sat down
hopelessly. Seeing that, Jasper sat beside her
too then both looked at each other…

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