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The bridegroom - Season 1 - Episode 40
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NELLY: Judy,is everything okay? Still
mourning your friend?

JUDITH: I’m okay.

Nelly: sure?

JUDITH: I’m just so confused, Nelly! My
friend has asked me to do something
incredibly difficult!

NELLY: and what is that?

JUDITH: She’s asked me to marry her
husband and this is a man who never
makes common eye contact with me.
Hasn’t even stepped a foot into my
house. The other time, I asked him to
come have coffee he blatantly refused!
He has never picked up the phone to call
me and when I do, he sounds as if he
cannot wait to get rid of me from the

Worst of it all is that I recently started
talking to this absolutely amazing man!

NELLY: well, how could you tell he is
absolutely amazing if you just recently
started talking to him. It is called
beginner’s high!

JUDITH: hahaha! You always have a name
for everything. Well, so far, he’s been
great and a perfect gentleman. Never
been married before, no baby mama,
God fearing, tall and handsome, has a
decent job. Just your perfect gentleman!

NELLY: They are all perfect at the start of
the relationship. Then after a while, they
bring out their true colours. Anyways, if
your late friend told you that, I see it as
an honour. She trusts you to uphold her
home in her absence. Don’t betray her

You can start by constantly calling the
husband and you know, encouraging
him. Go over to Abuja and spend the
weekend with them.

JUDITH: I’ll be going tomorrow because

my friend’s funeral is on Monday. After
the funeral, I’ll spend a week before I
come back

NELLY: great! And you can also use what
your mama gave you to get him to be
loyal. You know what I mean. There is
power in the v----a to break every

JUDITH: no way!! Heck no! That is so low.
The lowest of the low! I will never do a
thing like that. Common!

NELLY: well, just giving you different
options nothing more. So don’t consume
me like fire. Anyway, if you need any tips,
I’m just a phone call away! Stop talking to
Mr amazing and focus on this very man.
Remember, the dead watch over us from
heaven. Your friend is looking at you as
we speak

Judith: oh gosh! You are really scaring
me now!

NELLY: when are you going home?

Judith: I am waiting for my Uber.

NELLY: alright. I’m going now. Take care
of yourself
(Whilst Judy waited for her cab to arrive,
she decided to give Ambrose a quick call)

MR AMBROSE:??? hello, Judy, how are

JUDITH: Very well, thanks. Yourself?

MR AMBROSE: still alive

JUDITH: how are the children?

MR AMBROSE : well, I’ve brought back
Shasha and Tatiana but I left Sampson
with my mum. I don’t think Kate can look
after all three.

JUDITH: that’s okay. Has Tatiana gone
back to school?

MR AMBROSE: that’s actually what she
was telling me before you called. She said
she hates her new teacher and doesn’t
want to go to school anymore. I asked if
she would like me to register her in
ano ther school. She said she doesn’t
want to leave her friends in her school.
I don’t know how I am expected to move
all her hundreds of friends to her new
school. The kind of dilemmas I do not like
to get into! I used to leave it all to
Chioma. Now, reality just dawned on

JUDITH: oh bless her! Did she say exactly
why she doesn’t like Her?

MR AMBROSE: from what I reckon, she is
probably being too nice to her. Maybe
trying to win their love and trust and
overdoing it. Tatiana is very smart, she
knows when you are trying to patronise
her and she doesn’t like it.

She told me that the new lady keeps
asking her how is your daddy, how is
your mummy, do you want me to feed
you your lunch, what car does your
daddy drive. I mean I understand she is
trying to be nice, but you don’t need to
overdo it. Kids don’t like that. Judy,
honestly, I am fed up!

JUDITH: hmmm! She’ll warm up to her.
Kids are usually like that with strangers.
Were you able to get the jazz music

MR AMBROSE: yes. Everything is ready
except me. I am not ready to let Chioma
go. Not ready to see her in a coffin, not
ready to see her lowered in the grave. I
am not ready!

JUDITH: you may never be ready. Just take
each day as it comes. I just wanted to ask
if it’s okay to come tomorrow?

MR AMBROSE: sure! Please do. I am going
to pick up my mo ther in law this
morning and my parents will be here
tomorrow’s evening.

JUDITH: okay. See you tomorrow then

MR AMBROSE: please let me know your
arrival time so I could ask my driver to
pick you up from the airport

JUDITH: alright. I’ll let you know. Thank
You, sir.


XANDRA: oh my God!!!! Look at you,
Deric! You look like a Londoner already!!

DERIC: hahahaha! This is a very beautiful
country just too cold! (Hugs her really
tight and swung her around)

XANDRA: hahaha drop me! You make me
feel like an airbag! Wow! London looks
great on you! Where is mama!

DERIC: She’s inside the ward. I bet she
cannot wait to see you! Keeps asking of
you. When did you arrive?

XANDRA: this morning. A very
smooth flight too! I have missed you!

DERIC: did you?

XANDRA: not really?

DERIC: (holds her back and comes right
to her face) Now, swallow your pride,
throw away your certificate and accept
the truth, you missed Deric. Didn’t you?

XANDRA: hahahaha! Please go away!
What’s there to miss about you? The
nasty and rude attitudes? I did not miss
Jack! Please take me to mama. My very
good friend!.
(Deric held her hand as they walked to
madam Nkechi’s hospital ward)

XANDRA: Wow! Mama!!

MADAM NKECHI: my darling!!!

XANDRA: (Hugs her) oh I am so happy to
see you looking restored! What a

MADAM NKECHI: my daughter! These
doctors are marvellous! The only person
they cannot save is someone who has
been earmarked to die!

They are spirits! They can explain your
symptom to you like they are right inside
your body! My daughter, I am so grateful
to you and I have been praying for you
daily. I can fight and defeat 10 men now

DERIC: ten male mannequins, you mean?

XANDRA: hahahaha! I’m so glad to hear
that! How do you like the food?

MADAM NKECHI: my dear, that is one thing
I don’t like. They serve us flower here o!
Different colours of flower. Chai! Nothing
beats a well cooked okazi soup!

XANDRA: hahahaha!!! Flower indeed!
Those are vegetables mama, and they are
actually good for you.??…
(Xandra spent about an hour at the
hospital chatting with Deric and his
mum. Then went out with Deric for
lunch. They both went to a nearby
Nandos and as they ate their perperi
chicken and fries, Xandra decided to
have some serious conversation with

XANDRA: how do you like it here?

DERIC: i sincerely don’t even want to go
back anymore

XANDRA: That is possible..

DERIC: how?

NELLY: my sister’s husband owns a
company here. I can get him to employ
you and you apply for a stay. With his
help, you are likely to be granted a visa.

DERIC: This sounds good!

XANDRA: what about your wife? Won’t
you miss her?

DERIC: I will of course but it’s for our

XANDRA: true. Can I ask you a question?

DERIC: go ahead.

Xandra: if your friend is going out with
someone who has HIV, and you know it,
would you let your friend know and lose
your job or would you not tell him and
keep your job?

DERIC: are you actually asking this
question??? Why do we place material
things above human life! D--n the
stupid job! I’ll tell my friend the very
minute I find out! What are friend for!

XANDRA: hmmm! A colleague of mine is
currently in that situation and has asked
for my opinion

DERIC: tell him to call his friend now and
save a life…

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