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The Changing Tides - Season 1 - Episode 65
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“Oh no, this is not time to play jealousy Paul, I have not said am going to let Musonda raise my
son. He’s a good friend who has helped me a lot but that doesn’t mean am with him. Am talking
about myself here and not another person. ” she responded
“Well how do you expect me to think when you came here together moving around like this happy
couple? ” he scoffed
Maria let a laugh.

“Please don’t make me laugh. There’s nothing between you and me Paul, you dumped me
remember? You told me never to come back in your life. well I kept your word Paul and I can see
you also did move on. So I don’t think any of us should be feeling jealousy. You believed the lies
and the plots that people set against me over the love that I had for you Paul, you called me
cursed and some things I don’t want to mention. So please don’t talk about being jealous here,

let’s just reason about my son” she nodded
“Well I saw you drunk Maria, I saw a video where you were with a man in bed naked, what did you
expect me to do? ” Paul asked still standing.
Maria shook her head.
“So now what, all of a sudden you believe otherwise?” She asked him.
“Well I don’t know…. I never took time to think over things and since you said you went to Kitwe
maybe you never….. .
He didn’t finish his sentence and she cut in..

“Oh oh… so because I have told you I started school and work you are convinced otherwise, this is
insane” she giggled
“Ask yourself this Paul, how did I end up in bed with a man, you say i was drunk, and clearly with
some men in a night club. What makes you think that it was all a lie today? That was the same me

Paul, the same body. Maybe you are just confused and don’t want to see the truth about me Paul,

or maybe you are shocked by the fact that another man was actually able to get close to me.

Don’t worry yourself though. Am not and I will never apologise to you for anything Paul, because
right now I don’t even care what you think about me. Think am a prostitute or whatever you want
all I need is for you to think over this tonight and when I come back tomorrow you can consider my
request to get the baby. You saw how he was when he saw me. He needs me and I need him.
You say he’s all you have got that’s not true.

You were fine until he came into your life. You have your family and a woman too. Let me have
this chance to raise my son full time as I have never got the chance to do so since he was born.
Please” she sighed standing up to go.
“Maria,” Paul stopped her before she left
“. Do you love him?” He asked reffering to Musonda.
Maria frowned,

“he’s a great guy Paul,” she responded and left without looking back.
Paul walked to follow her wanting her to explain more on her statement.
But she walked to car which was just getting to the gate. Leaving him standing by the door his
hands in the pockets.
hands in the pockets.1
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The following morning, Paul sat up in his bed. He couldn’t really get to sleep as his mind couldn’t
stop thinking about Maria. Her words ringing in his head. Now he came to understand his sister
was right. Despite what he saw he now thought somebody wanted him to see it and from the look
of things Maria was innocent after all.
“How do I get to her now that she saw me with Tasha and she won’t clearly give me a chance to
talk about our issues” he thought to .
“Oh God I really wish i had realised this earlier on” he thought shaking his head.
The thought of Maria being in musonda’s arms that morning hurting him. He could see the
mahimselfn loved her.

He woke up and took a quick bath and dressed up in a casual attire glancing at himself in a
mirrow before walking out to the sitting room to wait for her since she told him she would go that

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