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The Changing Tides - Season 1 - Episode 66
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He waited and when he noticed it was past 8 hours Paul, went to check on his Cousin, he had not
see her that morning and he wondered whether she had gone to church it being a Sunday He heard her talking on the phone and before he opened the door to go inside, Paul over heard
Grace as she talked about her plot to make Maria seem she was into prostitution again.
“Listen Tasha,” she went on.

“Paul will never know we planned to kidnap and drag that Maria, as long as it stays that way, be
sure that man is yours my dear. Trust me it won’t be easy for him to trust her again and that’s a
plus for you. ”

Paul pushed the door open startling Grace who didn’t expect him.
“What? What was that?” He asked walking towards her.
“What?” Grace asked throwing down the phone without cutting the connection.
Paul picked the phone from the bed and saw she was talking to Tasha. throwing down the phone
as it landed on the floor with a crash, Paul grabbed his Cousin by her gown.

“Grace” , he said almost in a whisper, “tell me what I heard is not true? Tell me you didn’t drug
Maria and stagged that plot against her, speak up now!” He screamed making Grace jump with

“I know you are talkative and all that, but for you to play me like that is unforgivable” Paul scolded
still holding her. .

“Am so sorry Paul but I did it for you, that girl is not good for you and all she did was put you
through a lot of pain. You derseve better” she added. .

“Oh my God! Grace, what the hell, I trusted you as my own sister, we grew up together and yet

you didn’t want me to be happy? How many times did I tell you I love Maria, she made me happy,
we have a son together and we were building our lives so well. My God what kind of evil is this ?

What did you people do?” Paul sighed tears in his eyes.
“I lost the woman I love because you wanted to satisfy your ego Grace . You judged her even
before you knew her. What has Maria ever done to you Grace, what?'” Paul cried sitting back
down as he let go of Grace’s gown.

” She was vulnerable, am the one who destroyed her life and made her pregnant I was to blame
for the decisions she ended up making because she had no one to stand by her and advice her in
a good way, how could you choose to hurt an innocent person who did nothing to you Grace.?

Everyone in the family understood her and accepted us together, what was so hard for you to do
the same for me, am your brother Grace you could have atleast thought of my happiness before
you destroyed my relationship with the only person I have ever loved” Paul cried.
Grace looked at her cousin in tears as he cried like a baby. Realising how much he was hurting.

The feel of regret filling her she too started crying.
“Am so sorry cuz, I promise I didn’t want to hurt you. I love you so much and I wanted what is best
for you. I didn’t know this will turn out this way” she whispered.

“What is good for me huh? So you choose that Tasha as the woman for me Grace. I was with
Tasha for years and I never fall in love with her, she knows that, I cant love her because it’s not
just there. Now listen Grace, Please pack your things, I want you out of my house today. And
don’t even bother to go to my sister’s place because am not going to allow you there. Who know what else you are capable of?

You are out of this place and for your own information am the boss of the department at work so
you are fired!”
He shouted.

“Leave my life for good and never show your face here, I really can’t stand you”
“Please am sorry !” Grace screamed as she followed Paul outside.
“Forgive me and please let me keep my job, don’t do this Paul, we are family please!… ” she cried
loudly trying to get hold of his hand but he pushed her away..

“Well, you could have thought about being family when you decided to make my life miserable.”
Paul responded angrily.

“go and stay with your Angel Tasha and tell her if she ever comes near me again she will see the
worst of me.

Get out! ” He scremed pushing her out as Chanda held her chin watching.
She shook her head,

“well time indeed has caught up with your lies,” Chanda thought. She walked to the bedroom to
finish changing baby Paul she was just from bathing.

Paul went to his room and sat down his strength gone, recalling every word that he uttered to
Maria, he could remember her stagger and now he realised it was the effect of the drug. He
recalled every moment of that day and how Maria had gonne missing for the day before he
received the video and nude photos.

Every memory haunting his mind leaving his heart so pricked with much pain and regret.
“how am I going to ever face Maria and say I was wrong? How am I going to stand before her and
tell her my own cousin ploted against her and I fall for it. Oh God this is so much for me” he
sighed wiping his face.

Maria and Musonda had delayed going to the house as Maria had gone to visit Margret and her
family . She had told Margret her part of the story and she was surprised Margret told her she
believed her because things happened in an akward way. After telling her her story about her
grand father and the other people of the family she had found, Margret smiled.

“Maybe all this was done to bring you close to your family, God has his way of working things for
us My dear’ she had told her.

“Am really happy that you turned out well and you found your family. At least now am at ease
knowing you were doing something good for yourself despite what happened with my brother. It’s
up to you to choose what you what now and am sure Paul still loves you even though i can’t ask
you to go back to him.” Margret spoke calmly.

“Find happiness in whatever you do my dear Maria, God has changed your name from shame to
blessed. Look at you, even without all of us here he gave you other people to help you and guide you through life. Am so happy for you and I wish you all the best as you go to college.” Margaret
smiled as genuine as always.

“Thank you so much Mam, you are my inspiration. You have managed to put your family together
even after the death of your husband and I know God will continue blessing you for the good
things you have done for me and other people as well. I lost my mother but God surely gave me
you in her place,” Maria smiled with tears in her eyes.

She had left afterwards and joined Musonda who waited In the car for her.
“That one seems so good” Musonda commented as they left.

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