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The Changing Tides - Season 1 - Episode 67
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“She is a great woman you have no idea how she helped me out” Maria sighed.

“Lets go and see if Paul has made up his mind to give the boy to me. We need to go cause
tommorow we are both working.” She said looking at Musonda.

“Well we just have to ensure we are on the road before 14 hours so we get home in time,” he

They were getting into Paul’s yard when they saw a taxi leaving with Grace in the back. Maria
watched as the car passed them wondering about the bags that she saw in the car, unlike other
days, Grace looked rather different and Maria wondered what was going on.
“What’s that?” She asked Musonda as she got out of the car.

Musonda shrugged, “well something seems off about her” he agreed.
“Am not going in Maria, just sort your issues and we will get going” , he told her as she stood
waiting for him to get down.

Upon entering the house Maria greeted her son and Chanda.
“Where is Paul?” She asked Chanda.
Chanda walked closer to Maria and whispered,
“aunty, uncle just chased Grace and fired her. He knows about what they did to you. It seems he
overhead her on the phone with that Tasha.”
“What?” Maria asked surprised.
“No wonder she looked like that” she sighed sitting down.

” Oh my God thank you for vindicating me” she looked up the roof, roof
“I knew they had done that to me but I had no way of defending myself. This God is not blind he
may take time to answer our cries,but he doesn’t forget his own. he has showed me so many
times in my life that he is my director and the one who turns my life in the way he wishes and even

though it hurts sometimes, all things works good for those that love him.” She uttered mostly yo

“Sure aunty,” Chanda nodded.
“I am happy for you. The truth has come to light finally”
After minutes of sitting in silence Maria decided to see Paul in his room.
He looked up at her as she stood by the door.
“Can I come in?” She asked
Paul nodded silently.
“I just saw Grace leave and Chanda was telling me about the story of her plan .” She started
without moving further inside.
Paul stood up and went to her standing an inch before her.

“Will you ever forgive me?” He asked.
” I really am sorry I threw you away and never gave you a benefit of doubt Maria, I hurt you so
much hurting myself in return. Please am so sorry my love,” he cried kneeling down.
“I missed you and it hurt a lot. I can’t seem to live without you after those times we had together.”
He went on
Maria’s face was wet with tears as Paul held her skirt. She felt all the pain she had felt before
coming back afresh and leaving the sharp pain in her heart.

“You know what Paul?” She asked him sniffing in the tears .
“What hurts the most is not the fact that i was betrayed by your cousin and Tasha. What hurt the
most is the fact that you didn’t trust me enough to give me a chance to defend myself. the fact that
you told me in my face I was a curse and I had brought shame and disgust in your life. You have
no idea how much I had to go through your long i had to battle everynight with the
images of your angry face spitting words on me, that look like I was some kind of waste that you
couldn’t bear to look at.
Well am sorry too. But am not going that path of pain again. I can’t just do it now it was too much
for me and I fought so so hard to be where I am today and thank God he gave me people like
Musonda who looked beyond my damaged self to help me be who I am today” she added as
Paul’s head remained bowed to the floor.
“Please let me help you heal and start over again. I still love you so much and I don’t want to
loose you” he told her standing and holding her tearly face.

” I love you Maria please come back home” he begged.
Maria looked at his sad eyes, shaking her head,
” am sorry Paul it’s not that easy” she cried.

“Am sorry but I have to go now.” She turned to leave.

Paul pulled her back and held her by the waist holding her so close to him.

He bend his head and kissed her lips his hands wrapped around her.
” I love you Maria.. I really do and I never stopped loving you. Please stay. ” He whispered wanting
to kiss her again but she slipped off his hands and walked out without a word.
She stopped to look at him as he cried standing by the door.

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