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The Changing Tides - Season 1 - Episode 69
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Paul was devastated after Maria left. He lay on his bed contemplating what to do next. He could
see from Maria’s face and reaction that she was trully hurt.

“Who could blame her? ” He questioned himself.

“I was so harsh on her and I hit her so hard leaving her powerless and with nothing.”
The following day Paul went for work and as he got to the office he found Grace standing outside
waiting for him. .

“What are you doing here Grace? I thought I was clear when I told you not to come here again.

Just go back home and let me talk to the manager so that we can process your benefits and since
you only worked for a couple of years don’t expect a lot,” Paul told her without looking at her
begging face. .

“I said am sorry Paul you can’t just throw me out like that please, Margret told me to leave as well
when I got there she said you told her not to welcome me. Please don’t do this” , she begged
trying to touch Paul’s hand but he pushed her hand away.
“Leave me alone you traitor, I don’t want to see you again!” he scolded as he entered the office.

Grace decided to go to Tasha and talk about what happened..

“I hate that girl with passion,” Tasha spoke up after Grace finished narrating her odeal.
“She’s like a bug, she keeps popping up in my man’s life like hell. Anyway I won’t let Paul go
without a fight. He’s my man and I was with him first,” she shouted angrily.
“What are you going to do Tasha? Paul was so clear when he said you stay away from him. I don’t
think its a good idea to try get to him now he’s so upset he will do something crazy” Grace warned


“Well, who said am going to deal with Paul. No dear, your plan failed, I told you to get rid of that girl permanently but you refused. Now it’s time for plan B and this time around am editing the plan
to make sure it’s effect will be felt, ” Tasha smiled wickedly.

Maria and Musonda reached home and after dropping her, Musonda had told her he would see
her the following day. “calm down and then we will talk tomorrow okey,'” he told her holding her
hand. .

“Thanks for being with me and for going to Lusaka with me Musonda.” Maria whispered to him and
hugged him before going into the house.
Her grand father comforted her after she told him what happened.
“My child, cry no more, am glad you came back here and you were brave enough to face your
past with courage. I don’t know who that man is or what he does but am certain you are going to
make the decision that will make you happy in terms of choosing a man.

Musonda as I always say is a good man and if it were up to me I would choose him for you. It
seems there’s been too much pain and hurt with the father to your child and sometimes that kills
the bond of love between people whilst at the same time it strengthens it for ohers. I am not sure
which one is your case but all I want is for you not to loose hope. Continue trusting God to guide
you to your destiny my child” he told her as Maria sat in the sofa her arms wrapped around

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