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The Changing Tides - Season 1 - Episode 74
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“So is your young aunty home already? ” Musonda asked as Maria lay on his laps. They sat on the couch in the sitting room as Maria had not accepted to do anything more intimate than kissing.

Even though everytime Musonda had fought so hard his desires to be with her, he had no option
but to respect that. Musonda knew that deep down Maria still loved Paul, he could see how much
she avoided the topic of Paul and over the weeks decided to enjoy every moment he got with her.

“I hear she’s coming this afternoon probably when I get back home I will find her” she told him as
she played with his fingers.

“So you going to school in a week’s time ?” Asked Musonda.

“Yeah a week to go” she smiled.

“I wanted to go and get my son before I left but then I thought of the fact that he will find people
who are complete strangers to him here so I thought it wise to get him when we close,” She

“Well, that’s true, maybe you can let him be with his father since he’s used to that Nanny there.

Then get him when you complete your school. You can be inviting him over for holidays, ”
Musonda adviced.

“See, no wonder I was telling you people i had to think this over, imagine if Paul had allowed me to
get him already with the coming of my school the baby could have struggled to settle here” Maria

“I have never asked you this Maria, but this Paul, has he been communicating with you since we
came back?” He asked her.
Maria sat up,

“yes he’s been texting and calling apologising but since I don’t respond, he has reduced on that”
she responded looking at him.

“Don’t you think telling him we are together now can be one of the things to stop him from doing

that? ” Musonda asked again.
Maria sighed..

“listen Paul, I told you am not even sure with this but you insisted, I can’t just tell people about us
when even ourselves are not sure of what is there between us.”
“Well, to start with you just called me Paul” Musonda looked at her seriously..
” and secondary, Paul is not just people he’s your ex and so it matters that you tell him the truth
and not act like you still waiting for him. I love you Maria and you know that’s true. I don’t know
why you won’t give me chance to make you mine already”
Maria stood up.

” I can’t believe we are even discussing this Musonda, am sorry I called you Paul but the fact that
Paul is my son’s father he will always appear in my life at one point or the other. Let’s say we work
things out and settle down together, are you telling me Paul’s name will just disappear with our son connecting us?” she asked her face serious.

Musonda stood to hold her hand.
” I didn’t mean it that way, am just not happy that despite what that man did to you you seem to
choose him over me ” he complained.
“No man would be happy being shut out by the woman he loves, please understand .”

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