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The Changing Tides - Season 1 - Episode 75
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“Well, am sorry Musonda it seems our so called one day at a time thing won’t work for us. You
know am not ready to give you what you want I can’t promise anything for now sorry” she said
grabbing her phone and bag to leave.
“Come on Maria, please, don’t go away am sorry,” Musonda pulled her back.
“Come here” he said holding her close to himself.

“Give me that smile” he said lifting her head.

“I can’t afford to have you mad at me Maria I can’t. ” He kissed her gently.. “forgive me beautiful”
he whispered.

“It’s okey,” Maria sighed.
“Take me home now maybe the visitor is in” she told him trying to move away from him. But
Musonda held her back. “Well give me a kiss first” he smiled at her. She shook her head holding
him close as she kissed him, withdrawing as the tension between them started growing.
Minutes later Musonda dropped Maria outside her grand father’s house.

She walked to the door humming to a song. Maria stopped frozen when she came face to face
with Tasha.

“Tasha?” She asked shocked seeing her biggest rival sitting next to her grand mother, the sister
to her grand father,

“.what are you doing here? ” She asked.
Her grand father who sat opposite Tasha and her mother, looked at both Maria and Tasha

“Maria, what the hell, what is she doing here?” Tasha asked looking at her uncle.
Everyone in the room was surprised at the two ladies.

“Do you two know each other?” Maria’s grand father asked them.
“Um um um. … ” Tasha stammered as she grasped what was happening realising that Maria

was the niece her uncle had told her about.
“Yes,” Maria answered still looking at the shocked Tasha.

“She’s the one that staged my kidnap and drugged me to paint a picture that I was doing
prostitution to the father to my son grand father” Maria explained. even though Tasha’s
expression Clearly showed her she was screaming for her to stop talking.

“This woman can’t be my aunty grand father, she hates me with passion and she will do anything
to separate me from the man I love so that she can have him to her self, knowing so well he
doesn’t love her.” She added as everyone looked at Tasha.

“How dare you say that in front of my
mother and uncle. He was mine first and you snatched him away from me. You have always been
a s--t Maria face it ” Tasha said sacarstically.
“Well if you are an angel tell me why he dumped you for a poor s--t huh?” Maria shouted back
raising her voice too.

“Stop it you two!” Maria’s grand father stood and raised his hands between them.
“Sit down now you are not in the streets. ”
Maria sat down near her grand father and Tasha went back to sit close to her mother her eyes
fixed at Maria furious.

“I didn’t even get to introduce you and you go wild fighting like mad women. What is wrong with
both of you?

Now listen to me, you two now are family and I don’t care what happened in the past, get
yourselves together and sort your issues. I will not let you destroy this family over a man. You
Tasha is the eldest here so put your mind in one place and let that man go. He and your niece
here have a child together and now you are done you hear me?” He asked Tasha.
Tasha was quite for a while.
“I asked is it clear?” Maria’s grand father shouted.

“Yes uncle , ” Tasha answered in a low tone.
“And you Maria, make up your mind already, choose what you want and stop running from your
own self. Decide either to get back with that man or stay with Msuonda, you cannot stay in
between the two men. Choose already and put an end to this drama” he added seriously as Maria
now bow head down.

Maria’s inner self told her her grand father was right. She knew her being with Musonda whilst her
heart was yearning for another man was not a good thing to do but somehow she felt good with
the comfort that came with being around Musonda .

Not knowing it was somehow her need to fulfil her deepest need for Paul’s love that she was
looking for in Musonda. The bad part was the fact that, the more she was with him, the more she
felt the desire to be with Paul increase.

The following morning when everyone was calm.

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