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The Changing Tides - Season 1 - Episode 76
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The family sat again and they talked calmly
resolving the issue. They decided Tasha would leave Paul and forget about him as it was not
possible to marry him when Paul had a child with her niece.

Maria was left with a decision to follow her heart and decide for herself whether to go back to Paul
after Tasha apologised to her.

Maria was not sure whether the apology was genuine but for the sake of peace she accepted it.

“I have to do this for myself as well, ” Maria thought through the words of her grand father.

“If I have to live freely and peacefully I don’t need to carry the hatred and hurt from other people in my life.”
Maria had just finished packing her luggage preparing to go to school two days before she could
leave, When she was called that Musonda had come to see her.
She walked to go see him and they sat outside at a wide varander chatting.

She was busy laughing at what Musonda had said when she saw Paul’s car drive in after
someone opened the gate for him.
“Paul? What are you doing here?” she asked as her laugh faded and her face now displayed total
surprise seeing him.

Paul walked towards her and knelt down tears in his eyes.

“Am so sorry Maria, I can’t do this anymore. I miss you a lot I had to come here for you. Forgive
me please I was a fool and I acted out of anger saying all that bad staff to you. Please come back
to me my love, I can’t do it without you .I have tried, God knows I tried and I have failed. Please
give my life meaning again,” he cried as she watched him in silence feeling his every pain.

She turned back to look at Musonda who had stood too watching them.

Maria ran back inside the house crying. She couldn’t stand the faces of both men before her, the
one she loved so much and the one she cared for.

She went to her room and stood by the window crying.

Musonda followed her inside and stood watching her cry.

“Maria,” he called her out.

She turned to face him tears on her face.
“Why won’t you talk to him? He’s come all the way for you. you can’t just run away from him like
that. Tell him what you feel” he whispered getting to her and holding her hand.
“I can’t,” Maria cried,
“I can’t do that Musonda am with you now and I can’t tell him what I feel beacuse I cannot lie to
his face. I love him so much it hurts to see him like that,” she said shaking her head.
“He was my first love, everytime i think of anything good about my life it’s him that I think of first he
stood by me when I was hopeless and rescued me from the hands of death.

Am sorry you are a good man Musonda, I care about you so much. You make me feel so good
and special but I still love him. Am so sorry I cannot hurt him by lying i don’t feel anything for him,
you too have been here for me and I hate to make you suffer, I can’t”
Musonda sighed looking at her.

“Come here,” he said pulling her close.
“I know ” he whispered,
“I know. You love him and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. Don’t worry youself My
sweet Maria, I won’t hold you anymore. Go to him” he said seriously.

“Your man is outside go and be happy.” He smiled “What ? ” Maria asked shocked.
“Yeah” Musonda smiled,
“I know you love him and even when you are with me it’s him you think of. You have called me his
name more than once and I can’t tell your heart to stop loving him. So now I set you free. Go and
be with the one your heart beats for..” he added with a smile.

Maria smiled with tears in her eyes,
” I don’t know what to say to you Musonda I swear you are the most amazing man I know. Thank
you so much, ” she sighed with relief. sighed
“Thank you and may God give you a woman of your dreams” she said hugging him.
He grabbed her head and kissed her gently.
“Farewell my Maria, go now before I change my mind” he teased pushing her to the door.
Maria smiled and ran back to hug him once more and walked to the door.

She stood by the door and he shouted.. “go on.. your man is waiting !”
Maria ran outside and found Paul almost getting out of the gate.

“Paul!” she shouted to him and he turned to look at her. .

“Maria?” He asked surprise at the change in her facial expression.

She ran towards him and Paul smiled extending his arms as she landed in them crying with tears
of joy.

” I love you!” She whispered to him and he held her so close squeezing her tightly.
“I love you more my love, I missed you so much. So, so much” he said kissing her as Musonda
stood by the door watching them at a distance.

He waited until the two embraced and kissed before walking towards them.
“I hear you made her cry again, even one tear of pain, I will personally come to Lusaka and chop
your head off, you feel me?” he looked at Paul.

“Thank you man,” Paul smiled hugging him close.

“Thank you so much for being there for her and for leading her back to me” he added.
“Yeah you are welcome, take care you both” Musonda patted Maria on the back and walked out.

Paul looked at Tasha who stood next to Maria’s grand father and mother who stood watching

“Thank you” he said with his lips and he held Maria in a hug. She was the one who called him and
gave him directions to the place.
“You have to come over before you lose her for good” she had told him in the phone.
She smiled at him and spoke back..
“you are welcome!.

He held her by the waist as they walked to the door. His heart shouting and screaming with joy. It
just felt so right having the one he loved in his arms. He couldn’t stop looking at her. She lifted her
head to see his face and he smiled widely as their eyes met.

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