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The Family Curse - Season 1 - Episode 11
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(The effect of Chidi’s ambition).

When the man who owned the houses from which Chidi had stolen and been sighted by the little girl, returned, the girl told him of whom she saw escaping from their rear window.
When the rest of the villagers came back in the evening, owners of the affected houses raised an alarm when they discovered the thief. “abi na theft them dey call am”?

In Mbadike, in order to summon a normal meeting, the town’s gong would be sounded, but when the meeting was unusual, then the masquerade gong would be sounded for both the people and masquerades to assemble.
Usual meetings included those held when murder was committed, on theft reports, or other serious crimes, or even “doing minimini wanawa with any girl”.

In this case it was a case of theft, for which the masquerade gong was to be beaten. The thief/theft victims therefore assembled themselves quickly and went straight to see Ofogeli who kept custody of the masquerade gong.

Fortunately for them, they met him as he was preparing to go out to drink palm-wine, a.k.a (Nkuobi) with his friends. But when he learnt the purpose of their visit, he abandoned his drinking plans and got hold of the gong. In a few minutes, the sound of the masquerade gong rent the air, inviting everybody—strangers and natives—to the Chief’s palace.
Everybody very quickly assembled at the Chief’s palace, for the masquerade gong was never beaten in vain. Amadi was also present in the gathering, unaware of what had happened. In the gathering were also two masquerades whom the villagers called “Nnukwummanwu” (great masquerade” and Obelemmanwu , (“small masquerade.

Mbadike people also held the belief that such masquerades were no human beings but spirits. So their presence meant that there was evil in the land.

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