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The Family Curse - Season 1 - Episode 2
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Chike returns home……

Chike returned home in sorrow to meet his brothers, Chidi and Josh. His brothers immediately noticed his sorrow when they saw him.

Their father, Amadi was not yet back from his morning wine-tapping. Chike then called his younger brothers and told them, As i was sweeping the premises, I saw our friend, Ike in new cloths and a bag slung over his shoulders.
When i asked him how he got to be in such clothes, he replied that he was going to school.’

‘What is school, Chike? asked Chidi.

‘Could it be that Ike was going to his relations in the other town for the Ofala festival? Is it possible that the Ofala festival is what Ike called “school”?’
Chidi suggested.

‘We shall know from father when he returns’, Chike replied.

Chike’s brothers were not disturbed like himself. So they went back gladly to play, while Chike was highly upset.

A little later that morning, there was a knock on the door, after which the door was opened.
Amadi came in with two jars of palm-wine with a smile on his face.

Father! Father, welcome![B] ” shouted Chike and his brothers.

“Thank you, my children’, Amadi replied.
‘My children, Amadi continued, I’v noticed that you are very hungry, since you have not taken your breakfast till now.’ He then quickly began to prepare food for his children for his wife, Mgbonkwo had died a year ago just when she was about to prosper in her fish trade. Her death was also said to be due to the curse of the gods of Ajana.

After sometimes, Amadi completed preparing the breakfast, and ate with his children.

While they were eating, Amadi observed that Chike was eating very little and had already washed his hands. However, Amadi did not bother to find out the reason..

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