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The Family Curse - Season 1 - Episode 3
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When Amadi was resting after his breakfast, Chike went to him and said, ‘Father, I’ve been waiting for you since i finished sweeping the premises. I saw Ike, my friend while i was sweeping in the morning, and he told me he was going to school. Father, what is the meaning of SCHOOL? I’d like to go with Ike.’

Amadi kept silent for a while. Then he bowed down his head and tears could be seen in his eyes. Chidi and Josh became very concerned, for they loved their father much because he was like both father and mother to them.
However, in a trembling voice Amadi said, ‘Chike, my son, you have made a very good observation. But your destiny is not the same thing with theirs.

Now, Chidi and Josh relaxed, for they could see that nobody had attacked their father for which he had cried out. They were too young to realise that sorrow alone could make an adult weep.

Amadi continued and said, ‘My son, never you envy anyone, for we are different in this town.’ ‘Father, what is destiny?’ Chike asked.

‘Chike, you are too young to know this, but i will have to reveal this family secret to you because i have no alternative than to do so. You see, our great grandfather, Ikezuruagu, was cursed by the gods of Ajana when he was unable to make the yearly cow sacrifice to their shrine because of the expenses he had incurred on the death of one of his sons. Since the curse, all our generations have lived and die in great poverty. Those who have ventured to oppose the curse and prosper have met their sudden death,’ Amadi said.

‘Have you ventured to oppose it?’ asked Chike.

‘Hold on, my dear son. Listen to me. Your mother, Mgbonkwo died suddenly when she was about to prosper in her fish trade, and that has contributed to much of our present suffering. Really, going to school and getting educated is good, and might lead you to prosperity. But before you prosper, death must have taken you away. I wouldn’t want to lose any of you. You see that i don’t have much money. Even if i borrowed to train you, it would be a fruitless venture.

‘I have been told by the elders that our great grandfather, Ikezuruagu was a very powerful warrior. Yet he could not resist the gods. Since our fathers could not prevail against the gods’ curse, surely neither can we.’

Chike then asked no further questions, but burst into tears.

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