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The Family Curse - Season 1 - Episode 5
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Amadi then left for his house. Before he arrived, Chike had finished sweeping the premises and was waiting for his breakfast with his brothers. Amadi went into the house with his usual smile and made straight for the kitchen to prepare their breakfast. He did this to avoid Chike’s reminding him of his question the previous day. He quickly completed cooking, and they had their meal.

After eating, before they could prepare for market to sell their palm-wine, Chike went to his father and reminded him of his former question.

‘Father, what of my question of yesterday?’
‘Which question?’ Amadi replied in pretence.

‘Father, I asked you yesterday whether we have another God in addition to the gods of Ajana, for i heard in the market that there is a God that heals people if they have faith in him.’

‘Chike, the market period is passing. Let us be quick and go to the market’, Amadi replied.

‘In answer to your question, however, there is God in heaven who created all things.
Anybody who dies will go and meet him for judgement, and there are the gods of Ajana whose shrine you can see down the road.

They are often wicked and can kill when offended. So, when you are alive, you face the gods of Ajana. But when you die, you will face the God in heaven.’

Chike did not ask any further question, but walked away from his father. He was still very much worried, for he kept on seeing his mates daily going to school while he himself was sweeping the premises. He did not like the wine tapping business.

Chike later decided to suspend demanding from his father that he should go to school.
However, after one month, he went to his father one morning, and said, ‘Father, I don’t like this wine tapping trade.’
‘Why, my son?’ replied Amadi.
‘Since you have said that i will not go to school, I want to learn another trade,’ Chike said.

‘Will you get out of my sight before i deal with you?’

Chike then ran away in tears. But at night he could not sleep very well for he kept on waking up while worrying over how he could oppose the family curse.

The following day he refused to eat. Neither did he carry palm-wine to the market. His father was greatly troubled over his behavior.

He then called Chike and said, ‘Chike, my son, what really do you want from me? For i dont want anything that would make me remember your mother’s death.’

‘Father, even though i cannot join Ike and other children to go to school, i don’t want to be a wine tapper’, Chike replied.

‘Tell me exactly what you want,’ said his father.

‘I want to learn carpentry.’

‘Ha! ha! It is a very good trade, but if you eventually start to get plenty of money, will the gods of Ajana leave you alone?’ asked Amadi.

‘Father, I believe the the power of Ajana’s gods will not affect me.’

‘You don’t know what you are saying!’ his father replied.

After some days, Amadi discovered that Chike was becoming very lean. When he realised that it was because he had been eating less and less since he had been denied education and the trade of carpentry, he then called him and took him to the workshop of the local carpenter, Obi. Amadi wanted Chike to learn carpentry from him.


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