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The Family Curse - Season 1 - Episode 6
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(Daring the gods).

It was early in the morning on Eke-Osumenyi market day. Amadi took his son, Chike to Obi’s house. This was very unusual of Amadi as he had never in the past left his palm-wine tapping so early to do any other thing.

Eke-Osumenyi, like other markets in the community, used to attract people from far and nearby towns. People struggled to secure space to display their goods, more especially jars of palm-wine which were displayed in an open space. Palm-wine was also among the first products that were sold early in the morning in any market within the community.
@Even in ur own village markets, abi na lie???
As Amadi and his son approached Obi’s compound, the big dog at the front door heard their footsteps. ‘Wo! wo! wo! wo!’ it barked. Amadi and Chike stood still at the door and Obi armed himself with a cutlass as he walked close to the door to open it.

‘Who are you at the door?’ Obi enquired, as the time was too early for a visit.

‘It is me, please’, replied Amadi.

When Obi heard Amadi’s voice, he was surprised and one thought flashed into his mind, that is , the gods of Ajana may have struck again; for Amadi’s family was widely known to be a victim. Obi opened the door.

‘Ah! ah! Whom am i seeing this early morning?’ he exclaimed.

‘It is me, your troubled friend. Good morning’, replied Amadi.

‘I hope there is no trouble. And you are with your son?’

‘Obi, you may pretending that you don’t know the problems i have been facing from the gods, but this is a different case’, Amadi said as he sat down with his son. Then he continued, ‘Obi, you know that this is busy period. My son, Chike has been troubling me since all these days saying that he wants to learn carpentry. But i don’t have any good carpenter around except you. He is becoming lean as a result of the interest he has for carpentry.’

Amadi, how do you know that i am a goid carpenter?’

Amadi then replied, ‘The furniture in your workshop revealed that to me.’

On hearing that, Obi felt very happy and said, ‘Okay, there is no problem about what you have come for. I know you very well. Leave your son with me.

Go on your business and come back in the evening for further discussion.’

Then Amadi greeted him, waved goodbye and walked quickly back to his house to collect his wine tapping tools. However, throughout that morning, he was worrying over what would be the result if his son eventually became a successful carpenter. On the other hand, he was relieved that Chike was no longer around to trouble him. But he was continuously worried over what would be the reaction of the gods of Ajana..

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