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The Family Curse - Season 1 - Episode 7
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( The opposition of the gods.)

Now, Amadi’s second son, Chidi had taken over his brother Chike’s domestic duties, including sweeping the compound. At the initial stage, he enjoyed it so much that the way he did his work attracted the praise of many passersby.

However, while Chidi was sweeping the premises, he always saw his mates early in the morning going to school. He had also grown to the age of attending primary school but had not been registered. As he kept on seeing his mates, he one day strongly remembered his elder brother’s previous demand on their father to accompany Ike his friend to school.

One evening, Chidi walked up to his father, Amadi, while he was resting in his back-chair after the evening wine tapping. At first, Chidi was afraid to speak, but he soon summoned up courage and said, ‘Father! Father! I want to go to school tomorrow.’

Amasi could not say a word for some minutes.
‘What, Chidi? What did you say? Has your brother Chike visited this house since he left for Obi’s place?’ Amadi exclaimed, with his eyes turning red.

‘No, Father, ‘replied Chidi.

‘Why have you said that, and who told you what school is?’

‘Father, I usually see my mates in beautiful dresses early in the morning as i sweep our premises. When i ask them where they are going to, they say they are going to school. And i remembered that Chike used to tell us that there was somewhere called school which Ike went to every morning.’

‘Okay, my sin, ‘Amadi said, ‘I have heard you.’ As this was going on, the last child of the family, Josh, was there silently looking at both of them. Just as was the case when Chike began to worry him over going to school,

Amadi was troubled in his heart so much that he didn’t sleep well at night. As a result, he was almost late for his morning wine tapping the following morning, because he woke up a bit late.

When Chidi later woke up, the first thing he did was to look for his father to remind him of his request to go to school. However, he discovered that he had left for wine tapping. Then he went outside and began his usual sweeping of the premises. Just ad he began, he started observing his mates again going to school. He began watching them with interest and, at a point, he could not stand it any longer.
He could no longer concentrate on his sweeping.’ then he abandoned the sweeping and went back into the house.

When Amadi came back, he noticed the condition of the premises, and sensed that something was wrong. When he entered the house, he would have immediately asked Chidi, but he discovered that Chidi was not happy.

So Amadi finished his domestic work quickly, and took his jars of palm-wine to the market. Throughout the day, however, Amadi was worrying over how he would handle the situation in his home.

When he came back in the evening he decided to call his children to tell them of the family’s special condition.

‘Chidi, my son, ‘he called.

‘Yes, Father, ‘replied Chidi, and drew near to his father.

‘Call your younger brother, Josh so that i will speak to both of you.’

Little Josh was then called by Chidi. Amadi immediately said, ‘I know that little Josh cannot understand me very well now; but i have to say these to his hearing also to stop you children from troubling me like your eldest brother Chike did.’ Amadi then narrated to them the full story of the family curse by the gods of Ajana, and explained that this was the reason why they could not go to school like other children.

After their father’s speech, Chidi was afraid, more especially when he heard that the gods of Ajana were responsible for his mother’s untimely death. But Josh was not disturbed because he was too young to fully understand what had just been said.

Just before Amadi completed his meeting with the children, there was a knock on the door.
When the door was opened, it was Obi, the carpenter.

‘Good evening to you, Obi greeted.
‘Good evening to you, Obi, ‘replied Amadi. ‘I hope that all is well, ‘he added.
‘Well, I have come to tell you that your son, Chike has been seriously sick for the past three days now.

According to the doctor, his case is complicated, because all the treatment given to him has not helped him.’

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