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The Family Curse - Season 1 - Episode 8
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( Chike leaves carpentry.)
On hearing of his son’s condition, Amadi’s feet gave way, and he found himself on the floor unable to speak or do anything else. His children and Obi were amazed. However, soon afterwards Amadi recovered, and immediately asked , ‘Obu, where is he? At the hospital or in your house?’
‘I have brought him back to my house when the hospital could not cure him. I have already spent large sums of money on hospital bills, ‘Obi replied.
‘You will please have to wait for me to prepare these children’s dinner and arrange their sleeping mats, ‘said Amadi.
‘Okay, I’ll wait, ‘answered Obi.
Amadi then made arrangements for his children’s and left with Obi for the latter’s house.

On getting to Obi’s house, Amadi saw his son Chike lying helpless in bed. ‘Is this Chike, my son?’ asked Amadi as tears rolled down from his eyes. He drew near and tried to give words of comfort to Chike. A little later, he called Obi out for a brief discussion.

In the discussion, Amadi told Obi that, to be sure of what was wrong, he had to go and consult a fortune teller.

‘Good idea; good idea; ‘Obi replied. That is the only alternatives, for the case is complicated, as the doctor told me. ‘he added.

Amadi then rushed to a well known fortune teller, a non-native that resided in the nearby town. As he was going along the road, he was contemplating whether Anyanahumuo, “(the eyes of the gods)” the fortune teller would be at home for he often travelled. It was already getting very dark.

When Amadi got to the house of the house of the fortune teller and knocked, the fortune teller himself was on hand to open the door.
As a result of Amadi’s family problems in the hands of the gods of Ajana, almost all the medicine-men and fortune tellers in the surrounding towns had known him. When therefore Any an a him up opened the door, he recognised Amadi.

‘Welcome, my friend. I hope there is no problem, ‘he said.

Amadi then said, ‘there is a serious problem. How can i leave my hometown, Mbadike and come to Osumenyi at this time of the night without a problem?’

‘Okay, what is the problem?’ asked the fortune teller.

‘My first son, Chike is lying critically ill now, and all medical treatments has proved abortive, ‘Amadi stated. ‘Kindly find out from your oracle the cause of the sickness, ‘he added.

Anyanahumuo then took Amadi to his shrine.
There he consulted his oracle. The oracle said that the wicked gods of Ajana were responsible for Chike’s ill health. It also said that the only remedy was to withdraw Chike from carpentry so that he could return home. Otherwise, he would die.

On hearing that, Amadi paid the fee and went back that night to te Obi of his findings. They agreed that he would come to take Chike back to his house early the following day.

Amadi then left for his house.

When he got home, he told Chidi and Josh that the gods of Ajana wanted to kill Chike, for he could eventually be rich if he became a successful carpenter. Very early in the morning he went as agreed to bring Chike back from Obi’s house. In the noon of the same day Amadi went to the shrine of the gids of Ajana to sacrifice two chickens.

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