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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 12
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“i’m okay, just a little headache”
i replied, closing my eyes as i tried to calm down my failing nerves.

“hey you have to take it easy on yourself. Let me get some pills”
Lydia said with concern, left the room and returned with a glass of water and some pills which i took from her…..

“you know you really have to take it easy on yourself. What happened to you some moments back is a clear sign of stress. It’s obvious you labour yourself too much. I advise you make your stay in this city to at least a month. A month of rest without anything to bother you”
she seriously advised after i regained composure.

“i think you are right. I’ll follow your advice, but then I will need a new favour from you” i said with a weak smile. She drew closer and stared at me curiously.

“i need a house. A good bungalow. Just find me one i can buy or rent. You know my taste.

I think i’ll not only be staying a month in this town, but will be staying forever”
i said calmly. She nodded and laughed with happiness, without leaving her eyes off me.

“I hope you won’t mind me asking what made you make such a sudden unexpected decision?”
she asked suspiciously.

“i do mind Lydia, but don’t worry in due time you will get to know”
i smiled at her.

She shrugged with resignation and smiled back.

“i’ll get a nice place for you within a week”
she promised.

I dropped my eyes and thought over my decision. It probably was going to cost me a fortune, but yea it was a sacrifice i had to make.

“Kelvin is mine and no sharp-eyed girl is going to reap where she didn’t sow”
i promised myself, before standing to leave.

“one more favour”
i said to my pretty friend, who nodded with full attention.

“i need all the information you can get about the mystery girl. I mean the girl Kelvin always hangs out with”
i said,

“arhhh, i see. Consider it done”
she accepted with a provoking smile, which gave the impression that she was slowly discovering what i was holding back from her.

I ignored her smile and quickly changed the topic to another thing.


Kelvin dutifully took me for a little walk later in the evening. He equally used the opportunity to apologize for being away most part of the day.
We strolled down the street discussing like dedicated lovers. I pretended as if all was fine while deep down i was dying to ask him many questions.

I wasn’t a dumb little girl and so had to hold back my questions. There wasn’t any need asking him of the unknown girl since i knew he would definetly lie about her. I had to investigate and get every information by myself.

“i’m no longer leaving in a week. I think i’ll be staying permanently”
i informed him after a little thought. He stumbled and almost fell with shock.

he gasped.

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