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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Stella’s story *continues*

“jeez Kelvin, calm down. You shouldn’t be saying those words”
Lydia pleaded strongly.

“my mind is made up. I just can’t take it any longer. We have to be honest with each other. Our relationship can’t continue anymore. I’m just Stella’s toy, nothing more. I’m ending the relationship” he poured out to my friend before heading towards the door.

I stared at my Kelvin, not knowing what to do. I was so stunned and shocked. I never knew he could be bold enough to utter such words to me because of a little argument. It was very obvious he thought it all out before visiting with his intentions. I had great urge to cry but fought back my tears.

“Kelvin what are you doing?”
i asked softly, my heart pounding furiously, my lips trembling.

“I beg of you Kelvin, don’t be insensitive. Think about what you are doing. Think of the consequences. Dear me”
Lydia begged with despair, stopping him with her words. He turned and faced her.

“it may not be a good decision, but i’m proud of it. I know i might ending up paying for everything but it doesn’t bother me. Stella is a very beautiful, generous and wonderful boss. She never was my girl. I tried making her such but no, she’s just caught out to be my boss. I’m still very much grateful and indebted to her. Yea i’m willing to sell and sacrifice all i have got to repay her and be free”
he said solemnly, while Lydia stared at me with pity. It was obvious she felt my pains.

I couldn’t just talk. I was too deep in shock to utter a single word.

“it’s because of Lilian, isn’t it?”
she asked him.

“no, of course Lilian has no hand in the decision i just made” he answered, gave me a last look and left without another word. Lydia quickly held me strongly.

“don’t cry please. You are still sick, hope you know”
she begged.

“of course i’m not going to cry. You know me. I’m an iron lady. All i’m thinking is how to deal with this idiot”
i hissed, flinging away Kelvin’s engagement ring.

I was extremely heartbroken but there wasn’t any need crying over split milk like a school girl.

Kelvin’s narration.

I left Lydia’s house shaking nervously. I couldn’t believe what i did. I couldn’t believe i just bit the finger that nursed me into a man.

“oh my God”
i cried, ran to my car and drove recklessly to Lilian’s house. My intention was to head home but a stronger force pushed me to Lilian’s.

Perhaps i headed there because i needed someone to talk to. I needed someone, a friend to share what i just did.

“i did it. I did it. I just broke up with her”
i cried to an astonished Lilian who quickly hugged me.

“i know she’s going to come after me. I may end up losing everything” i sobbed.

“sssshhh say nothing. You are a man”
she said quietly.

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