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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 24
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Stella’s narration *continues*

6:30pm Lydia’s Home. {Same day}

Lydia and Chika walked into my room looking very gloomy and serious. I instantly knew they came with bad news.

“Kelvin was really mean and rude to us. He has moved on my dear and he is very serious about it”
Lydia softly said, sitting beside me with concern. I faked a smile and shrugged.

“what can i say?. That’s life, i have no choice than to endure”
i murmured,

“yea just get better as fast as you can. Kelvin’s is nothing. You are better off without him”
Chika added playfully.

“you still have a lot to accomplish my dear. That’s all i can say for now”
Lydia said, stood up and left with Chika. I was left all alone to cry out my heart. So i cried until i was totally exhausted.

kelvin had every chance to change or mould me like he wanted. Yea i knew i had a very strong character and appeared incapable of submitting to any man but at least he could have tried. He could have tried making me submit to him. I was very ready to do anything for him to be happy. I loved him with everything in me. Instead of conquering my spirit, he took the easy way out. He absconded from my life. He left me weak, empty and devastated. He never loved me. Of course he never did. I was so blinded by love to notice that he came into my life to survive.

“you will pay for this”
i cried,

“you and Lilian will pay”
i swore with my last strength….

Lydia returned to my room by 8pm to see me in a very bad shape.

“don’t tell me you have been crying?”
she asked with concern.

“he will pay. Kelvin must pay for doing this to me” i spoke out loud.

“yea but calm down”
Lydia begged,

“I will visit Gen. Johnson on tuesday.

I want him to help incriminate Kelvin and his little colleague. I want them to end up in jail. Jailed for life”
i said to Lydia who gasped with shock.

“I beg of you Stella. Isn’t it too much a revenge??. C’mon” she screamed.

“Kelvin denied my love. A prison is where he deserves to spend the rest of his life with his Lilian”
I answered

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