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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Stella’s story continues

One week later, Kelvin was abducted from his apartment on a good saturday morning by Gutso and his gang. He was taken to a small camp at the outskirt of Suleja town.

A very hilly dangerous forest, good for my plan.

Just like Lydia assured me, Gutso did a good clean job. I truly was astonished at how swift and capable he was.

“madam we have arranged the cargo.

We are on point waiting for your next order”
he informed me at exactly 5am that fateful day.

“just relax. I’m coming over”
i said with excitement, hung up the call and quickly headed to Chika’s room.

“Kelvin is now with Gutso. I have to go finish my plans”
i informed her with a smile. She quickly sprang up and held me.

“c’mon, what are you doing?, trying to delay me or what?. You know i have been up all night waiting for Gutso to deliver”
i said with an excited voice.

“of course i know, but you have to give me time to dress up. I can’t allow you to go out all alone to that dangerous place by this time of the day. We are going together” she said strongly.

“i’m not scared, i have a gun” i informed her, pulling out a gun from my handbag. She froze with shock.

“holy mary!” where did you get that?” she asked, while i smiled.

“have you forgotten i’m a government official?”
i asked. She shrugged.

“i know how to use a gun very well. I learnt a lot in USA”
I added convincingly.

“but still you do need me my dear. That area is a very dangerous, plus the bad terrain, remember how difficult it was when we were checking out the place two days ago”
she insisted strongly.


6:55AM, In A Forest, Heart Of SULEJA

I slowly drew close to Kelvin who was firmly tied to a tree and gently removed the piece of cloth used to cover his eyes. He stared at me with shock and surprise. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“yes Kelvin. It’s me, why are you so surprised huh?”
i asked with an unforgiving smile. His lips quivered, his face coloured more deeply. Tears instantly melted his eyes. Unfortunately none of it moved me. My heart was already made up and cold.

“Dear me!, Stella i beg of you. What’s in your mind?, what are you planning to do to me?”
he managed to ask with trembling lips.

I stared at his youthful body. He was so handsome, young and charming, but deep inside, he was nothing but a crook.

A cunning b-----d. A gold digger.

I pointed the 9mm gun i held to his face, cocked it and smiled,

“nobody pulls a fast one at me. My face will be the last thing you will ever see in your miserable life”
i threatened with a laugh while he screamed with all his might.

My finger went to the trigger, Chika screamed from a distance away.

“Please Stella don’t!”
she screamed, running towards me with a very swift pace. Somehow it looked as if she suddenly figured out i was actually going to pull the trigger.

Finally Kelvin was just a breathe away, a second away from a well thought out death…….

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