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The Heart Of A Woman - Season 1 - Episode 5
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“wow what a surprise. It’s so beautiful”
i screamed with great delight while he smiled happily.

“i’m glad you are happy. Seriously i do owe you a lot. I just don’t know how to repay you for turning my life around. You are an angel”
he said sweetly. I blushed over his nice words. I was so carried away and happy.

“how about we hang out later in the evening. It’s my own way of saying thank you over this beautiful gift”
i added and winked at him.

“sure of course”
he accepted without any hesitation. I breathed deeply. There was no doubt he was finally mine.
We had a very wonderful evening at Mbari kitchen where we spent close to two hours gisting and joking. He told me funny stories about his university days while i used up my energy laughing over his funny tales. He really was perfect in everything. He kept saying the nicest things, filling my head with nice words that melted my heart like an icecream. I so much enjoyed the evening.

We ended up at his house by 9pm, because I gave him a ride home since he had no car of his own.

“i so much enjoyed the evening. Thanks”
i breathed with delight as he made to alight from my car. He froze for a second, drew close and {switched on the car interior light} which instantly shone on us, lightening up his face.

My heart throbbed widely as we silently stared at each other. I so much wanted him to brave up and get his feelings out.

Slowly his eyes fell on my chest, devouring my b0s0ms which were half exposed under the revealing blouse i wore. My heartbeat increased, my expectation grew immensely. I knew something was bound to happen.

“let’s have another drink in my apartment. The night is still young?”
he suggested with a dirty smile,

“hmmm is that a good idea?”
i pretended to hesitate.

“sure yes. I don’t want this wonderful moment to end so søon”
he murmured. I rolled my eyes, breathed deeply and followed him without another word.

Finally, as soon as we got to his apartment and the door shut behind us. He held me strongly and kissed me with great passion. My head instantly overflowed with desire.

“forgive me. I have being dying in silent for so long. I want you”
he breathed. His eyes strong with great passion. I closed my eyes. I just couldn’t say anything, i was so overcome with happiness.

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