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The Hole in The Wall - Season 1 - Episode 36
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Countdown to kidnpping: 02:32:16

“Its getting dark, that’s it i’m calling Bami” Tonye stood up and dug into her pocket for her phone.
“No need to disturb them….why don’t we catch a cab to the office instead?”
Andy said.
“yes that would be best” Dr Rasheed chipped in hurriedly. He didn’t bother to hide the fact that he wanted them gone.

To think his lab now had four stools and 3 of them were occupied! He needed his space, this was his fotress of solitude, his lab. And no one was allowed here….well unless the person had delayed diagnosis. he smiled cheekily at his humour.
“At least i have to call and tell them.” Tonye looked at Andy as if to say ‘what’s the matter with you?’ but Andy was already looking at the young student.
“So we’ll drop you off….if you’re done here?”
“Oh….no” she glanced up as Dr Rasheed retired to his office. The man was quite antisocial. “most of the heavy work starts at night….that’s when they put on the gen that runs over night.”
“hmmmmm…..well….” he glanced at Tonye who had her phone glued to her ear. “You know what, we should split up….I’ll stay here in case they come and you can head on back”
Tonye didn’t say anything but listened to the phone ring. His case was simply what happened when a heterosexual Stays celibate for 24 months then a girl catches his fancy. The floodgates of testosterone would break open and in other words he would be one hörny devil. Pun intended.

Bami didn’t pick the call after 3 attempts and she was beginning to agree with Andy cause she was simply sick of the lab.

Her phone vibrated signalling an incoming message. It was from Bami.

Can’t pick now , still in the lab. Would call you soon.

For a minute she mused on the straightforwardness of the letter. She and Bami hardly exchanged any endearments…didn’t have nicknames or say ‘dear, love , sweet, honey, sugar…’

She smiled as she imagined if it were Rex and Olivia. The message would definitely enter 2 pages.

“Bami says they’re still in the lab”
she announced
Andy sat up “really? that’s how many hours now….its taking too long, does that kid really know what he’s doing”
“What kid?” Christie asked
“No kid” Tonye snapped. She had changed her mind, she didn’t like the girl after all.
“Andy can i see you outside” she said through clenched teeth.

Once they were outside she turned on her heels “What is the matter with you? you’re not watching what you say…divulging information carelessly, its unprofessional, tiresome and very annoying”
Andy looked suprised. “Woa…..woa…..take it easy, you know what, you stay….i’ll head on to the office”
“No….there’s some work i have to do” she softened her voice. “Andy its okay, but you shouldn’t be so attracted to someone to the extent that you give up classified data…there has to be a line.”

“I’m not attracted to her” it sounded false in his own ears. “You know what, whatever….” he stomped back into the lab and Tonye shook her head.

Time: 08:06: 44pm
Countdown to abduction: 01:26:16


She greeted the guard as she was let through the gates. She wasn’t suprised to see lights on in the building. Everyone seemed to be living there now adays….

She climbed the stairs thinking about food. She was hungry although she had quite a large lunch earlier.

She passed her assistant’s office, the door was wide open and she poked her head in and saw Kristen sleeping with her head on the table.

She thought of waking her to go home but decided to leave her alone. However she helped her slide the door shut.

She had taken precisely 4 steps when the door opened and her assistant called out. “I’ve been waiting for you ma, I have something I think you should see.” She ducked into her office and came out with a file. This time it was slim- thankfully.
“Kristen what happened to the soft copy sharing I told you about” she took the file from her and leafed through it.
“I did….your mail…..your whats app every social platform i could think of”
“Oh……” Tonye smiled guiltily. “My bad….today was really hectic. Give me a run down of the data”

I tried to retrace the steps of any one of them from the point the report stopped. But there was no such luck, So I contacted Sam and asked him to dig into the accounts-”
“Woa….you contacted Sam? That’s a breech….you don’t do something like that without consulting me first, in short you don’t contact Sam or anyone for that matter, are we clear?” Tonye said.

Kristen nodded, she seemed disoriented for a second and must have lost track of what she had been saying before.
“So, did Short Sam Find anything of interest.?”
Tonye asked

“He found things of interest, first of all Mr. Kehinde has a little over 11 million in his account and he hardly moved around with cash. Most of the charges are done from his atm card or mobile banking. There were a couple of accounts that came up…they’r all detailed in the file…page 4. But there was no red flag until Sam…errr mister Sam dug up one account that received 750 thousand naira from him early last year and another 750 by december”

“woa….who does the account belong to?” Tonye asked she flipped the pages hurriedly.
“One mr silver something…I’ve forgotten his surname, but its all in there”
Tonye saw the picture and studied the face, it was a passport photograph that had been enlarged and printed. The quality wasn’t the best to say the least. Underneath the picture was the name ‘Sylvanus ukuriah’
48 years old, brown eyes 85kg, AS, O-…..
“Sylvanus ukuriah….at least we have an ID”
she was impressed, the girl was proving to be an asset indeed.
“yes i already ran it…..he’s the manager of serenity suites”

“Serenity suites….why does that sound familiar….”
“That’s the name of the hotel the murder occured”
“Woa….so he was on the pay role, that would explain why there was no evidence of the fight the deceased man witnessed from his balcony in your former report”
“yes ma”
“Kristen, this is top notch…excellent work, keep it up”
Kristen beamed “thank you ma”
“you didn’t have to stay late waiting for me, you should have left it till tomorrow”
“Its no bother, ehen another thing….the other account however…the one belonging to the female has been dormant for years….it still has the 91,000 since 2011”
“Hmmm….” Tonye mulled it over. “Good job Kristen”

She headed up the stairs to her office. Tomorrow morning she’d be paying the hotel manager a visit.

Time: 9:30:28
Countdown to abduction: In progress


Dr Rasheed looked up from the microscope his eye had been glued to for the last half hour. “My throat is parched…I’m so thirsty”

“I’d get you water doctor” Christie said helpfully and hurried out of the office as if the thirst was life threatening.

Doctor Rasheed resumed his deep study of one organism or an other, or maybe cells…that field was quite vague to Andy.He hadn’t been a science student, what he had been was a banker working customer care.
“So doctor, what about the other guy….Betran?”
Andy asked.

Rasheed looked up exasperatedly:”Andy for the last time I don’t talk while working….its too easy to make mistakes during procedure so I don’t want any distraction”
“Okay doctor strange” Andy muttered. Rex and Bami were yet to call about the DNA result although they all knew it was going to be a positive match.

After some seconds the doctor sighed out in frustration “Where is the water now…the tuck shop is on this floor, how many hours would it take her to get me water for God’s sake.”

Actually she had been gone less than two minutes but Andy didn’t want to ‘distract’ the doctor so he kept the information to himself.

Dr Rasheed looked into the microscope again then shook his head and stood up. “I have to get water….let me check my office i think there’s half satchet of pure water on my desk.”

He entered his office and came out with a full satchet of water.
He closed the door behind him then touched his pockets, “oh no…”
“What is it?” Andy asked
‘My keys…I think i locked them in the office”
“Christie says you do that a lot, anyway its no big deal, just get the spare key and you’re good to go”
Doctor Rasheed frowned “what spare key?”

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