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The Last survivors - Season 1 - Episode 4
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With that shout, Verah began to stretch as if the life in her was fading away. Passer-by began to rush to the scene. This time Austin was the one who asked for prayers “Please can anyone pray for my friend or at least take us to someone who can?”

“There is a church down the end of this street, let us take them there!” shouted someone in the crowd. They lifted Verah and bore her hastily down to the church.

Even simon lent his hands to carry Verah to the church. He had in the heat of that moment forgotton that he too was a target
When they got to the entrance of the church, Simon slumped to the ground writhing in a horrifying fashion. The gate man opened the gate for them. A man dressed in all white attire stooped to pick up Simon. When the man in all white attire raised his hand, Melinda shouted and took off running.

Some young men in the crowd ran after her to seize her and bring her in to the church. “What is it Melinda?” Asked Austin. When the head pastor saw two fully grown adults in the throes of death, lying on the floor, he understood they were under an attack, he broke into prayers and the church leaders joined him. Outside the church premises, Austin had figured out who the man in White attire was. The man in white did not go into the church premises. It was Michael. He had come to keep his promise to Simon and Verah. Austin convinced the young men who had grabbed Melinda to let go of her and led her into the church premises.

Melinda could not remember the last time she prayed, but she was ready to pray down a storm to save her friends. Austin went down on his knees, ignoring Melinda who had somehow transformed into a prayer warrior and mumbled. “God I have never known you or prayed to you all my life, but if you are really up there save my friends, and if you can’t, take me in their place”.

A hand rested on his shoulder and a voice said “God doesn’t have to take you to save your friends. He has already taken someone for that purpose. Austin’s eyes widened in shock; he was praying under his breath.

The voice which spoke to him was the young man who prayed for Verah earlier in the day. “How did you hear my words?” Asked Austin. “Take that for a sign that God is real and he cares”, said the young man as he walked away. Melinda didn’t see the young man come into the church premises, her eyes were tightly shut as she invoked all sorts of sipiritual weapons to distory the demonic power behind Michael’s mission.

The young man went over to the man who was probably his senior pastor and whispered a few words into his ears.

The senior pastor called the prayer to a stop and the young man was allowed the stage to pray for Simon and Verah “Dear heavenly father, I come to you….”

The young man went into a longwinded prayer. When he was done with praying the look on Simon and Verah didn’t seem like God had heard the prayers said.

Everyone present waited to see the miraculous happen. The senior pastor turned his look at the young man, wondering why the two adults on the ground had not woken up. The young man didn’t flinch a bit, he was confident his God would prevail in that occasion. He asked some young men to bear the bodies of Simon and Verah, into the church auditorium.

Just when they bent down to carry them a voice was heard. “That won’t be necessary. They are mine now. I am here for their souls”. The pastors and the crowd turned to see who that might be, and it was Michael. Michael walked boldly over to the bodies of Verah and simon and stooped to leave something on their bodies.

But the young prayer warrior resisted him and asked “And who made you a soul collector?”

“Young preacher stay out of this”, replied Michael.

“He is responsible for what happened to my friends! The man standing before you is a dead man!” shouted Melinda. The crowd roared in fear and some amongst them ran out of the church compound. The young man charged at Michael and commanded him to leave in the name of Jesus.

The crowd could tell that some form of spiritual contest was about to take place. However, much to the disappointment of the crowd Michael turned and walked away at the command of the young preacher.

Much later in the night, Simon and Verah woke up amid a hot prayer session in the church house.

Four months after the recovery of Simon and Verah, Melinda got an sms which read “Melinda, you should never have meddled with my business.. From Michael”. When Austin read the message, he wondered to himself. Are you sure this Michael was ever dead? What if he has all along been working with the Iranian witch doctor? What if all this was a ploy to kill his friends for a hidden purpose in a manner the police won’t ever suspect him? Who could suspect a dead man for killing his friends what if he was the one offering sacrifices with his friends for ‘The Riches of the Grave?. “Babe you know what, let us pay someone to dig up Michael’s grave, maybe he is not the one in that grave”, said Austin to a bewildered Melinda.

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