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The money collectors - Season 2 - Episode 1
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Dike recovered within a few minutes and heard voices around him.. But he was out
of the view of the sympathizers who
appeared to think that no one in the car survived the
accident.. He made an
effort to creep further away from the scene…

The pain in his left leg was terrible but he managed to crawl gradually, until
he was about half a kilometre away from the scene…

The pain on his leg had become quite severe.. Had he broken his leg? Perhaps it was just a bad sprain.. The thought of resting his whole weight on a damaged leg made him flinch..
He suddenly felt thirstly and lay down to rest. He wiped the sweat streaming down his face and waited…

He rose to his feet again and cried out as the pains became unbearable.. He then fell down, his head thumping
the ground and blackness sweeping over him…

The police and the ambulance had come and gone, the jungle was cool and quiet..


Babatunde and Abubakre had just finished a meal of baked beans in their new station.. They drank some whisky and lit their cigarettes.. Both of
them were sitting in a ditch that offered them a direct view of Stanley Robert’s flat..
They had parked their car behind a clung of trees where no one could easily see it.
“I’m going into town to phone the boss”, Babatunde said, a little drunk..

To bolster his courage, he had been drinking heavily.

“Stay here, we’ll be together”, Abubakre said..

He sensed that if Dike showed up, he could be in big trouble..

Babatunde ignored him and got to his feet..

“I must be going”, he said and the continued. “The boss will be worried about our silence.. You stay here while I go”.

“Let’s give them more time. If they don’t show up, then both of us can go to town”. Abuabkre said.

“But we’ve been here for more that ten hours”, Babatunde retorted..

“I’m not saying that the boss should not be informed but it is dangerous for one person to face the b------s if they show up”, Abubakre explained..

Climbing out of the ditch, Babatunde said, “I’ll be back soon. There’ll be no
trouble. It’s in our best interest that one person should stay behind”…

He then left leaving Abubakre all alone…

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