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The money collectors - Season 2 - Episode 2
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Babatunde reached his destination and In less than fifteen minutes, he was speaking to Otike over the line..

He explained everything to him, “Sir, right now, we have positioned ourselves, out of sight, in front of Stanley Roberts’ flat..

spent about ten hours and not a rat has turned up. What do we do?”.

“You stick around till tomorrow morning and if they don’t show up by ten o’clock tomorrow, call it quits”, Otike instructed..

“Yes sir”, Babatunde said but was obviously not happy about spending the night in the ditch..

Otike dropped the receiver and told Bamidele what he had just been told by Babatunde…

“We may have made a very big mistake, Mr. Otike…

We should have done a little investigation at the Asaba car-park instead of believing
that he had gone straight to Ogwashi Uku”.. Bamidele said.

“Then send someone else to do it”, Otike directed..

“I’ll do that myself”, Bamidele spoke firmly..

He was tired of staying in the office with Otike listening to his threats and curses.

“You are going nowhere”, Otike snarled..

He then continued “Remember you’re the only guy who had the key to the safe. In fact, you will stay here with me until I find Dike and my money”..

Bamidele had reasoned this way and so it didn’t come as a surprise to him.. He was, after all, the accountant..

“Suppose we don’t find him?”, He asked..

“Then I’ll hold you responsible.. Send Hannan to go to the Asaba car-park and ask around”..

“Okay”, Bamidele said and then went on the receiver to contact Hannan…


About two hours later, Hannan came back from Asaba car-park and entered Otike’s office..

He was a handsome fellow of about twenty-nine years of age, reputed to be popular
with women.. He also had a good brain for investigation but Otike knew his limits..

He had no stomach for violence and did not like the sight of blood..

“What have you been able to gather?”, Otike asked as he came in..

“I was told that a guy like Dike was given a ride to Ogwashi Uku by a drunken driver.. That the car they
travelled in somersaulted around Ibusa Town killing probably the driver and the passenger”, Hannan explained…

“Does that mean that Dike is dead?”, Otike wondered..

“Anyway, we’re sending a team to the place right away.. They will recover Dike’s body if he is dead or search for him
in the bush”, He told Hannan and then sent for Bamidele…

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