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The money collectors - Season 2 - Episode 3
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Later, a group of men left for Ibusa in two vehicles. Five police detectives, Hannan, the informant and two other
security organisations officials..

After they were paid off for the expenses during the trip, Bamidele left for his own

When he sat down, he supported his jaw with his hand and started thinking hard…

*If Dike has been killed in the accident, he may still be in trouble since the
whereabouts of the money would remain a mystery.. Otike would not give him a moment’s rest, he thought..

What was he going to do?

Well, he decided there’s only one way out of it…

If the goddamn fool is found dead and he is held responsible, instead of serving another stretch, he will commit suicide.. That’s all there is to it…

He will never be made to suffer for what he is innocent of. He then recalled the four-year jail term he had served
some years ago.

He had suffered much during his incarceration ahd he shuddered to think of going through that experience again..


Dike slept for over two hours in the jungle. He was now regaining consciousness, and
from the corner of his eyes,
he say a figure appear..

He made an effort to open his eyes wide and then saw a man
with a gun hung on his shoulder. He wore a half-torn shirt and dirty trousers,
and appeared to be in his late fifties…

“Take it easy, young man”, the man said gently. “I’m a friend”..

Dike then sat up and became aware of a dull, throbbing pain in his head and left leg..

“Water please!, he said..

The man left him and returned within seconds with a bottle of water which Dike snatched from him and drank greedily..

“I’ve broken my leg”, he said after he had drunk the water..

“Okay, very simple.. We’ll try to get you to hospital”, the man replied..

“But who are you?” Dike asked staring at the strange fellow…

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