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The money collectors - Season 2 - Episode 6
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As Valentine was about to soak the shirt, he paused to search it.. He had done so on several occasions and succeeded in discovering something important..

As he searched the agbada his hand felt something thick.. He looked for a pocket to bring it out but there was none.

He then decided that it may not be anything useful and might even be a part of the shirt…

As he was washing the shirt, his hand kept touching the object.. He then looked more closely and saw a torn
part of the shirt throught which the object might have escaped.. He dipped his hand and brought out a card..

He immediately took it to Dike…

“Does this belong to you? I found it in your shirt”. Valentine asked..

Dike’s eyes nearly popped out of the sockets.. In Valentine’s hand was the identity card which had caused so much trouble…

He shook his head in disgust and thought about Alhaji Giwe’s warning “Don’t be nervous”……..


Two weeks passed. Dike was still staying with Valentine.. His leg was healing at a snail’s pace,, this was as a result of the poor treatment he was receiving..

He had no option. If he allowed himself to be treated elsewhere, he might reveal his identity and that could be disastrous…

Since the night of the heist, Dike had not got the opportunity to shave. Looking at himself at the mirror, he was sure that his appearance had changed, He felt happy about that..

A few days ago, he had given Valentine some money to purchase a new agbada.. Valentine had also bought a jacket and hat for him. He had been considering staying

with Valentine until the heat cooled, then he would disguise himself and go for the money..

He brought out his identity card and looked at it.. The cause of my troubles, he thought.. It was now no use to him. He brought out his cigarette lighter and burnt the identity card.. Then he remembered Alhaji Giwe’s warning agaain: Don’t be nervous! He shook his head slowly and sadly….

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