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Added: Jul 11, 2018
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The money collectors - Season 2 - Episode 5
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Dike sipped his drink again and said..
“Thanks a lot. I feel relieved already”.
“You’ll be safe here for as long as you want to stay..

Nobody ever comes here. I have neither wife nor children, and no friends who visit me..
In fact I come from Oyo state
but nobody knows where I come from”..

Dike stared at the man.. A strange man indeed.
“Well, my name’s James Chukwu.. I appreciate your kindness and shall leave as
soon as I feel better”. Dike said..

Valentine prepared a meal of hot eba within a few minutes and brought in two plates..

They sat down to eat.
“You’re a good cook”, Dike said. “Never tasted anything so good”.

“Thanks a lot Mr. James”, Valentine replied.

After eating, Dike regained enough strength that enable him to smoke a cigarette…

“Let’s have a look at the leg and then I’ll help you change”, Valentine said.
“I have a spare pyjamas here”.

He gently removed the bandage he had previously used to dress the sore, dipped it in iced water and
replaced it once again.. Then he helped Dike remove his black agbada.. He was not shaken when he saw Dike’s
gun holster and the gun. He was used to guns..
Then it was the turn of Dike’s trousers.. He helped him remove the trousers gently over the injured
leg and as he was removing his pants, Dike cried out in pain..

“Sorry, I’ll be more careful”, The hunter said..

He used a wet cloth to clean Dike’s body and then helped him put on the pyjamas..

“Remove the essentials in your shirt so that I can wash for you”, he said and brought the dress to Dike..

Dike removed all the valuables and gave the shirt back to him..

“You’re extremely kind to me, a total stranger”.. Dike said.

“You can consider me a friend, and feel at home”, Valentine replied and left to wash the agbada…

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