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The President Son And I - Season 1 - Episode 1
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I slowly packed my things into my travelling bag with tears rolling down my eyes.mummy just left my room now after breaking the sad news to me that the family wld be relocating to delta state in three days time to enable juliet round up her senior waec which wld be ending in two days time.

Am Oyege precious,a 3rd year student of Economics in the University Of Lagos.i came home two days ago after receiving the sad news of my dad’s dismissal at work.he was working as a manager in union bank in one of their branches in asokoro abuja.the reason for his dismissal is still unknown to me and as for mummy,she isnt the working class type although a graduate of mass communication but dad refused her working,he just wants her to take up the job of a full time housewife.

I heard my door crack open,i turned slowly to behold my dad already standing at my door step.i dropped the cloth i was holding,stoppedpacking and sat on my bed sadly with tears running down my cheek.for sure i knew dad has something to say because he never enters my room only on important issues.
he walked closer to me wiping my tears with the front and back of his palm

its okay dear

*snobbing* dad, how did it happen,i have been in this house for the past two days and no one is saying anything,no one wants to tell me what actually happened and if not for juliet i wldnt have known that u lost ur job,dad why is no one talking?

Dad: *sat beside me*its ok my angel,i wld tell u everything but just brighten up first *i wipe my tears again with the back of my left palm and forced out a smile*

am all ears dad

Dad: *takes a deep breath* some months ago,all managers were asked to sumit their profiles which i did then we never heard anything again since the and concentrated on work.four weeks ago,a friend of mine whom is also a manager told me that the names collected was to dismiss some family members in the bank

Me:family members! how dad?

if u bear same surname with another person one out of the two of u wld have to that was what happened

*surprised*u mean another manager somewhere bears same surname with u?

Dad: *nods his head in the yes manner*

*still not getting it* so how does that concern u?

Dad:they wld be thinking we are related and chose one of us to go

without proper investigation? that was so cruel of them

Dad: *taps my back* lets give God the glory.i can see u are already packing so how did u plan to go about it?

*kind of relief*i wld just pack my things so that it wld be easy,u know i wnt be going with u guys,i wld be going back to school tomorrow because i wld be having text by next tomorrow

*stood up*that means u wld be coming down to delta on ur next holiday right?

*frown again.i dnt really like the idea of delta* dad why cnt we just stay back here

no that’s no option to consider at the moment,i have a house in delta,no one stay’s there so why stay back here and waste money on rent

but u can put in tenants in the house and use their rents to always pay ours

Dad:u are an economic student,u shld be able to atlest predict the future.ok what happens when my tenants over there are not able to meet with their rents,we owe too? i still have u and ur junior sister to train in school so no wasting of money now

Me: *gives up because i know my father’s words are always final becoz he thinks before making decissions*ok dad *he walks to the door*dad

*turns*yes dear

is he aware?

*try to think out who i meant but couldnt*who?


Dad:no not yet

Me: *frown*why dad?

Dad:i dont want anything that wld disturb his youth service,he wld get to know at the right time

Me: *shows that childish style of hitting both feet on the floor*emhmmm daddy,its not fair

no its black.i know why u are saying this,is because u both are close.make sure u dnt tell him,i wld do that myself,is that taken?

*moody*ok dad

that’s my girl *opens the door*

*came from the sitting room*helllloooo

Dad: oh not again,isnt that michael’s voice?

Me: *smile and winked dad*yes it is *then we heard mum’s voice*

ewo michael is here.hw ws ur journey?*michael is the only turned and stared at me*

ur handiwork? *i just bent my head feeling guilty*

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