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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 25
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. . As soon as Afam left, the kissing and the I-missed-you-baby took over. Nnenna was all over me. She didn't even allow Afam to reach the foot of the stairs. She was hungry, hungry for my lips and warm body. She acted as if she knew it was going to be our last. The atmosphere was tense, the scene was set, the actors were ready, the environment was quiet and I was calmer than usual. '' Your mouth is smelling beer'' she said. I told her that I took beer in Essen. She suggested that I go and brush my mouth. I did. By the time I returned to the sitting room, she was almost half Unclad. The top part of her clothing had disappeared and was lying on the sofa. I wasn't in much romantic mood, my visit to the camp tomorrow had occupied my mind. But I managed to kiss her passionately and forwarded my head down to the boobs.

I sU-Cked them like I never did while she m0aned out loudly. I occasionally removed her skirts and underwear, then I lay on my back and motioned her to lie face down on my body in a reverse style. Her mouth was on my J0yst!ck while my mouth was licking her cl!ts which pointed down towards my face. In that famous 69 position, we licked away in ecstasy as she m0aned out a muffled sound that underlined the enormous pleasure coming from her vegyna. When she couldn't take it anymore, she rolled down from the top of me and lay on her back on the floor staring at me helplessly. '' baby come and fvck me'' she pleaded. I rolled down from the seat and climbed on top of her. Her legs was spread wide open in anticipation of my coming. The opening of her vegyna was slightly ajar and I could see the red inside of the left wall. It was a pleasant sight to behold. I raised both of her legs up from the floor and supported the weight with her back. Her was raised up slightly. I peged her legs with my hands and in one smooth swift entrance, I started moving in and out of her. The cunnt was wet and dripping. She just moved her in uniform with my thrust while holding my back. She climaxed as the walls of her cunnt seemed to held my d!ckk tightly for a few seconds. We changed position. I la!d down on my back while she rode me facing my legs and turning her towards my face. She bumped up and down on the standing J0yst!ck until I busted some hot creams inside her.

We later cleaned up and held each other and talked. ''Nnenna, I am going to camp tomorrow'' I announced. She was startled. ''but you don't have a story yet'' she managed to say. '' I will manage what I heard in Essen this evening'' I said. I made her understand that It was better than staying there and waiting for another police scare. She was really in love with me because she cried like a baby and reminded me how she was going to miss me. I did the obvious next thing to do which was promising her that I will come and stay with her after the camp. She slept in my arms. I had to wake her up around 1am to go to the room since I figured out that Matthew could return anytime from 3am. In the morning, Matthew was no where to be found. Nnenna had tried his number numerous times but it couldn't connect. '' his battery must have died'' she kept saying. At about 9am, he had not returned yet. By then, I was ready to go. As instructed, I was to go without anything. No money, no second cloth, nothing that linked me to Africa except a Cameroun CFA note carefully hidden. Then I proceeded downstairs with Nnenna to board a tram (tram, is a kind of train that runs in the street) to the Oberhausen hauptbanhoff. (Hauptbanhoff is central train station). As we opened the door to the street, we saw a police bus coming down the street. It passed us and stopped a few metres away in the only packing space available in the area. As we moved up the street, we saw three Police officers came out of the Police bus. Among them Was Matthew Ejodamen in handcuffs. I needed no Dibia to tell me that there was trouble. We continued our walking and pretended not to have seen them. I was waiting for '' Hey stop there'' but I didn't hear it. That was how I escaped the police net the second time in two days. We went to the train station and we boarded a train to Monchenglabach. Nnenna stopped at Essen Hauptbanhoff while I continued to the asylum camp in Dusseldorf. I collected her phone number as I bid her goodbye...

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