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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 55
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When we got back in the evening, Johnson said he was going to Berlin to buy goods the next day. He offered to take me along. He asked me how much money I had saved, I told him I had 300 euros. He took it from me and added it to the one we were going to travel with the next day.
I went back to my room and enjoyed some beer.

Agnes, my first love in camp had also returned for her own allowance. After the payment, we went to the mall together and bought food items. She wanted to sleep over before going back to Berlin. I gave her some money to buy recharge cards. She was pleased but the atmosphere between us was still awkward. I had no desire to tell her about love. I wanted things to be as casual as it were at that time.
(I miss that girl)
She called me when she finished cooking. It was some kind of sauce with white rice. She asked how life was going on with me. She was caring.

According to her, she had somehow ran into John the bighead, my number one enemy in asylum Camp.
They had exchanged numbers and they were dating each other.
I was a little jealous, not because Agnes was dating someone but because it was the Bighead of all people.

I didn't give it much thought. I was a man on a mission. Mission to make money and move around the World freely like a bird.

The last thing I wanted was a woman to hold me down;
Not Agnes,
Not Awiti,
Not Nnenna,
Not Mary and definitely
Not Melinda.

I had only one person in mind. Efuah, she was with my child.

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