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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 61
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A new girl had arrived in the HEIM some days back. I didn't know where she came from but everyone in the HEIM had girlfriends except me.

Johnson was dating Maxie, a white German girl whom her father was a german Soldier: Her parents had kicked against the relationship but they respected their daughters's wish too. The girl loved Johnson so much and she was interfering in his business. That meant that I had to take over the supply from Johnson. It was me who goes to Berlin to buy weeds in large quantities now. I had met a man called Tony in Berlin where I had gone to buy goods, we had exchanged numbers and he told me that he imports weeds and Hashes from Amsterdam, the European capital of drugs.
On one of my trips to buy goods in Berlin, I had called Tony and we met. He supplied me the goods I wanted and gave me another one kilo of weeds on credit. I got to the HEIM and supplied every dealer a hundred gram and asked them to pay me what they pay where they usually got theirs in Hamburg.
Some of them had no contact in Berlin which was thirty minutes away. They go as far as Hamburg to buy 100 grams of weeds which was risky since Hamburg was over three hours away from Brandenburg.
I supplied them 100 grams of weed at the same price they bought it in Hamburg, thereby eliminating their transport cost and above all, the risks involved. They were happy and had no reasons to travel to hamburg again. On the other hand, I supplied them credits sometimes but since we lived in the same HEIM, getting my money wasn't that difficult.

Within one month of dealing with Tony, I had become the biggest dealer in the whole of the city. Money was flowing from every angle. I would buy a kilo from Tony at 3800 euros and distribute at 5Euros per one gram. (which was 5000 per one kilo).
I would make make 1200 euros from supplying one kilo and still make more gains from supplying my customers from Germany.
I supplied one kilo every week which meant that I made up to 1200 euros a week from supplies and another 1000 or more from retails.
I started saving up to 8000 euros every month.
The allowances from Germany government which people scrambled for, meant nothing to me anymore but I still collected mine.
I was getting rich and getting it fast for that matter.

The new girl who had come to our HEIM was living in the HEIM. She had no boyfriend. Every other guy had a girlfriend except me. The new girl had done everything to grab me but I was on a mission and I needed no interferance from anybody. I was leaving a lot of money carelessly in my room and wouldn't want anybody to be in the room in my absence except Johnson ofcourse who I suspected had much more money that I had.
The new girl was doing everything she could to encroach me and ssucceeded.
Her name was Fatimah, I wasn't interested where she came from but I believed it was Guinea or Burkina. She spoke french but understands enough english to know when she was told to remove her clothes. I didn't like her, she was not my type. I was still in love with my Agnes but it seemed destiny had taken Agnes away from me.

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