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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 78
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Vitus, the fat yellow guy jokingly tasked me
to buy them drinks since i was a new guy on
the block. I happily agreed because i had
over 5000Euro with me. They packed their
Poker and dressed up for the outing.
Kennedy the footballer had a small fiat car
which four of us boarded and headed
towards the city center.
- The city center was like a third class city in
Germany and that was when i observed that
all European countries were not the same.
We headed to a resturant owned by some
Brazillian guys. We requested for Crabs and
Vino de tinto.. (Vino de tinto means red
wine in Portuguese and Spanish). We ate and
finished our wine. Then another wine and
another and another. Vitus was a wine
tanker that never got filled up. I got bored
eventually and demanded that we go to
another place.
I paid our bills which amounted to 411
Euros and headed to the comerce center
called Rossio. (the comerce center was the
point where they traded African slaves in the
1800s). The commerce center was also the
place where all the Sexxxx workers stood in
the evening for business.

It was in the commerce center that i met
Lisa and Edora, two beautiful Brazillian girls.
We were all drunk except Kennedy the driver
who insisted that he had training in the
morning and believed he should not drink.
The girls were tipsy and wanted some
adventure. We played with them for
sometime before my friends decided to go
home and rest.

-i was not going to let those girls go home
alone. Assassins could shoot them on the
road. So i deciced to hang on a little more

while my friends went home. There were
hotels everywhere and i had money with me.
No qualms.-

I talked more with Edora and her friend and
we joked about football and Africa and their
beauty and my height and my perfume and
why i left Africa etc.
Then it was time for them to go home. Lisa
remembered that i refused to follow my
friends home because i insisted on taking
them home.

She told me to follow them and i did. We
got to their car and i entered the back seat
while they both occupied the front seats. We
drove for about ten minutes and crossed the
long Vasco Da Gama bridge into the other
side of the city where the Benfica Sporting
club stadium was situated. we got to their
house three minutes later and they asked me
to follow them up. We took the lift to the
sixth floor and entered their apartment.
It was a well furnished two bedroom
apartment with a lot of coloured candles in
every corner of the room.

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