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The village rapist - Season 1 - Episode 1
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On a lonely road sided by bushes two boys where seen walking on the road with school bags and uniforms “Victor, na everytime you dey carry first”the shorter one with slippers said smiling “no talk like that Peter, you go carry first one day we still dey JSS3”Victor said while they walk silently home but abruptly stop when Peter pointed at a tree “this man don drop fanta again for this tree” Victor said looking at the direction of where Peter’s hand is pointed to, Victor walk into the bush to where the tree is “wetin you dey do?” Peter ask him but he ignore him and grab the fanta come out from the bush “I get buscuilt sef, my use the fanta eat am with am”Victor said while he searches his bag and brought the buscuits then consume it with the drink “why you dey look me like that, you no go eat” Victor ask Peter but he shake his head side ways signifying no “fear fear boy, man made gods are powerless” Victor said mockingly, a man is seen approaching them whistling wearing a singlet with torn trouser a matchet hang around his shoulder “papa eyiuma!”the two friends greet the old man accordingly in their native language the man replied them but made to walk pass them but notice something he stopped “you buy that fanta, you dey drink?”the man ask Victor which he said no while surprise is written all over the man’s face “little boy, you need to tell your parents to come and sacrifice to that Ancient tree or you will die in the next 7days”the man said looking at the sky “are you my God, I will do no such thing”Victor retorted with viguor the man tap his feet three times to the ground and walk away, Peter tried as much to convince Victor to appease the tree which he blatantly refuse to agree.

A woman is seen in the kitchen cooking food in the backyard of a block house “mama oooh” a voice called from front of the house while the owner is approaching the backyard the woman at her 40s stood up and walk to meet his son blandishing his result, after the woman done reading the results she broke into dance and singing “you have done for me x2 what my mama….”the boy smile and join his mother in singing and dancing, “Victor go baf, the food go soon done”the mother said to his son when her son left she hug the result to…..

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