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The village rapist - Season 1 - Episode 3
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Victor came out of the house wearing just a short with his shirt resting on the shoulder while his mother sitting on the chair observing the night sky when Victor walk pass her“Victor!where u dey go this kind night?”his mother stand up from her seat questioning him but he walk hastly some metres from her then said “mama, I wan go river ooh”his mother place her two hands on the head “ewoh!what is a normal human being doing in the stream at this kind of time?”she lament with tears in her eyes while Victor never look back to see his mother reaction but keep walking away, on the narrow way to the stream that is so quiet a lady with bucket of water on her head is walking through the lone path while Victor walk pass her without greeting, he look back to see the physique seem familiar to the corper that punish him in the class yesterday he tiptoe to her back then grab her with force due to fright the bucket on her head drop off while Victor carry her away from the road to the bush she struggle with him shouting for help but he over powered her then push her to the ground, her wrapper lose she gather it to her thigh to conceal her white pant, Victor brought out a pocket knife “sssh!or I will kill you”he thundered with venom which scared her, he remove her wrapper and brought out his fully erect d--k “please, dont rape me”she said in the midst of cry “shut up!is not you that the principal is f-----g everyday!you only know how to flog”he said then slap her which weaken her he quickly rested his weight on her body then shift her pant then t----t in sharply “aaah!please dont do it”she m0an in pains, Victor did not listen as he cover her mouth lifting his a-s up and down very fast enjoying the rape “umh, this thing is not even tight”he groan but slam in with full force which made her scream “aaah!easy oooh”he made his last t----t then pull out and spill his c-m all over her weaken body lay on the floor, he quickly wear his boxer and ran away from the rape scene, in the sitting room Victor’s mother is resting her body on the chair in a relax manner waiting for her son then suddenly the door flog open as Victor rush in and close the door as someone who is on the run “who dey pursue you?wetin happen wey you dey sweat like this? ”his mother question with hands akimbo but she did not get any reply because Victor went into his room and lock the door inside his room he celebrate his triumph of rape by jumping on the bed.

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