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The village rapist - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Inside Victor’s room his mother rested her body on the wall looking at her sleeping son, she look at the clock then walk over to the bed to wake up her son “wake up, you wan go school late?”she said tapping his body repeatedly “mama, I no dey go school again”he said with sleepy voice and rested his head on his pillow “chi mooo”his mother start crying sorely “ah!ah!mama, I go go na, go do breakfast my go baf”he said to calm his mother down which it works his mother left his room he rush to the door and lock it “person nofit get peace”he slum on the bed. The village of Oshigba have only one source of water which is the river many have tried to bring another source of water but met death end a typical example is the late Chief Oduma, 5pm the village town crier voice is heard in the dark night challenging the quiet Village of Oshigba from a distance of a man standing with his white horse wearing a native attire with redcap which classify him as a noble birth and a title holder “anybody that sees somebody going to the stream in the night should report to the youths of the village”the town crier voice.


the same title man is seen walking on the main road that connect with the roads to the stream and primary school of Oshigba village while Victor walk pass him without honoring his presence “bia!you cannot greet your elder anymore, useless boy”the elder said to Victor who acted like someone who is deaf “so the remuor that late Oduma’s son is useless is true”he thought for a while then walk away.


“I will teach that useless boy a lesson!”
he exclaimed then climb his white horse and paddle away, a compound with 4 leg stick roof with zinc kitchen a woman is seen cooking “mama Ogechi!”a man’s voice called her “my husband, you are welcome”she greeted but her husband is in a hurry he demande for Ogechi which her wife called her out of the small block house “what is the name of late Oduma’s son”Chief Ade ask his daughter which his daughter told him his name is Victor, he climb his white horse direct it to the exit of the compound “papa Ogechi, are you not going to eat?”his wife called out “let me see Chief Marshal”his husband replied her.
inside the compound of Victor’s as early as 6am in the morning 15youths are seen singing the popular war song “iwuliwo iwo x4”jumping and charging towards the house with sticks and matchets in the compound.

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