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The village rapist - Season 1 - Episode 5
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Victor’s mother emerge from the house standing in the main entrance surprise by the choatic visit “youth of Oshigba, on what ground a widow like me owe this visit?”she said, the messenger of the Ancient tree step forward from the midst of the youths with venom look red clothings tied round his fore head and wrist “woman!where is your son?”he said with authoritative voice suddenly Victor emerge from the room with just a short mindless of the people around him, he did his morning ritual by stretching his bones and yawn “catch him”the messenger ordered three of the youths charge towards him before he could realize himself he try to run but stop by grab at the wrist and waist then his two legs left the surface of Earth “mama!”he called out to his mother screaming loud his mother run to save her son but is prevented by two youths while the others drag Victor out of the compound her struggle to get pass them was futile she fall to the ground crying “my husband where are you?the good Lord I serve where are you?”she lamented.

Under the Ancient tree four men are seen under the tree the Chief priest at the middle while chief Marshal and Ade at his right hand facing directly to Chief Emeka voices of the youth is heard from the distance approaching the Ancient tree, they appear at the premises forcing Victor to move “taaarh!how dare you bring that cursed child under the foot stool of the Ancient Tree”the Chief Priest rebuke them not to move any step further or they will taste the leaf of curse, he walk through the middle of the Chiefs not without giving Chief Ade a warning look then walk away, Victor was freed he look back to see Chief Ade bitting his finger he nodded and left, “Chief Ade!do you see him walking to the stream?”Chief Emeka ask looking directly at him “no, but I saw him in biamula road”Chief Ade answered which made Chief Marshal and Emeka shake their heads and walk away leaving Chief Ade behind, 8pm in Chief Ade’s compound in the veradah Ogechi hold a bible putting on her sandals “mama, am going to the church ooh”she called out to her mother who is watching television inside the sitting room “is late ooh,”she complained that she have already promise her friend that she wont miss it “return early ooh”her mother adviced she agreed and left the compound, inside Victor’s room he has been sleeping suddenly wake up and put on his trouser and white t shirt in a hurry like someone who has an appointment to catch.

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