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The village rapist - Season 1 - Episode 6
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He turned the door knob of the sitting room but it refused to give way which means his mother have locked the door, he look around and head to his room and locked the door opened the widow then jump through it, Ogechi walk pass a church building which voices from the church are singing “Holy, Holy Holy…..”she walk pass into a narrow road “I need to see Michael, if not of this programme, mama would not have allowed me”she mutter to herself, she have walk some distance away from the church when she heard footsteps sounds “who is that?”she turned with fright and ask no one in particular, when she is satisfy that she did not see any shadow or hear footseps again she continue walking, Victor hide behind a tree and bring out a pocket knife he walk stealthily towards Ogechi then cover her mouth place the knife on her neck “shiii… walk into that bush”he ordered Ogechi which she obeyed out of fear into a bush, Victor ordered her to place her two hands on a tree inside the bush then bend down she did it shakingly “raise your skirt”he thundered which Ogechi did with fear, he unbuckle his belt release his hard d--k drag Ogechi pant down “please dont rape me”Ogechi beg with tears he slap her a-s which made kpaaa!sounds and hit her hard on her back “shut up!”he said, “na this nyash you dey use do shakara for this Village, em no even big sef ooh”Victor said mockingly while seprating her a-s cheeks then place his d--k at her p---y entrance then t----t in with force “aaah!mama ooh”Ogechi cried, he did not take pity he t----t in with pace and spank her a-s in the process Ogechi tried as much to struggle out of his hold, but he place his strong hands on her waist and keep his fast t----t in and out of her p---y until he feels his balls tighten then release his seeds inside her “aah, umhh… ooh”he groan as he give his last t----t deep inside Ogechi p---y, his d--k deflated then remove it and push Ogechi down by the waist “your toto no even sweet”he said, then buckle his belt and left crying Ogechi there, knock knock grown Peter with his uniform knock repeatedly on the main door of Victor’s house entrance “eehn, Peter you came to see us today”Victor’s mother said behind Peter “mama, good afternoon ooh”Peter greeted smiling “what of Victor? I did not see him in school today”he said helping Victor’s mother to bring down the food bag on her head, “I went to see the pastor concerning your friend”she said then exhale.

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